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Bars in the Waterfront / Fort Point Overview

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC) - Convention Center in Waterfront / Fort Point, Boston

Bars in Waterfront and Fort Point can go one of two ways – either they are so fabulously new and trendy, one drink will probably cost as much as a pizza, or they're so close to being dive bars that the only thing saving them from the label is the can't-be-beat view of the harbor.

Newer Waterfront and Fort Point bars in the area seem to develop a certifiable cult following in no time. Fort Point's Drink has practically no signage for the below-street-level bar, but it has earned an enthusiastic following thanks to its well-dressed, dedicated bartenders and phenomenal food. Others joints like The Whiskey Priest and Barking Crab – that latter also known as one of the best seafood restaurants in Boston – get crowded with beer lovers on any warm summer evening.

While both the Waterfront and Fort Point have been heavily developed in recent years, there are a few longtime dives known to the area. These spots tend to attract folks in their 30s who live in nearby South Boston and think of themselves as being a little more sophisticated than the Irish pubs in their home 'hoods.

Both of these neighborhoods can be considered “up-and-coming,” with most bars and restaurants in the area only popping up in the past several years or so. The crowds around these parts are typically in their late 20s to late 30s, with good careers and cash to spend on a nice evening out.

Popular Waterfront / Fort Point Bars

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