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Party Earth Review Dating back to the Revolutionary period when figures like Sam Adams stoked the flames of war, Faneuil Hall and its surroundings are now a daytime hotspot for shoppers and a nighttime haunt for barhoppers. Particularly packed on sunny summer days, the marketplace and its vendors attract hordes of tourists and bargain hunters looking for Boston memorabilia or deals at retailers like Coach, Victoria’s Secret, and Nine West, while jugglers, magicians, and street performers form a vibrant backdrop for the history buffs strolling from plaque to plaque. Two wide paths connect Faneuil Hall to Quincy Market, where hungry shoppers can find plenty of international ... more


4 South Market Building
Boston, MA 02109

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Boston Nightlife Areas Overview

Faneuil Hall - Landmark | Nightlife Area | Outdoor Activity | Shopping Area in Boston

Nightlife in Boston is typically a beer and sports-filled affair, and there are a lot of great nightlife areas to soak up both, so getting your boozy baseball, football, and basketball fix any night of the week is a snap.

Nightlife areas in Boston always have a few things in common. There are plenty of places to pre-game with eateries, cafés, and restaurants close together. There are accessible bars, invariably playing Sox baseball or Celtics basketball. And there are a good number of clubs for all-night shoe-shuffling.

One of the biggest and most popular Boston nightlife areas is Faneuil Hall. This complex and its surrounding area dates back to the Revolutionary War, but today, the only artillery being fired are the Jäger-bombs down patrons’ gullets. The Hall itself is home to a plethora of bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, and live music venues, and is perfect for a pub, bar, or club crawl.

Another bustling nightlife area is in Fenway around Fenway Park. Before, during, or after any Red Sox game, the countless bars and pubs are filled with passionate baseball fans cheering, drinking, or commiserating over wins and losses.

Boston is a true sports and beer town, and the nightlife areas in the city cater to the passionate fans by providing multiple spots to watch, drink, and dance whether there’s a game on or not.

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