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Party Earth Review Located in the center of Cambridge, Harvard Square is a fun and happening area with a past that draws tourists and local history buffs alike. The spot in which Washington took control of the Continental Army, and the home of Harvard University, the nation’s oldest college, nowadays the Square is more of a commercial and cultural center featuring big-brand shopping outlets like American Apparel and Aldo, as well as a plethora of coffee shops, bookstores, and public art installations. Casual hangouts like Grendel's Den, Charlie’s Kitchen, and Temple Bar draw hordes of thirsty Harvard students, while young professionals and shoppers stop in for quaint ... more


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Boston Plazas Overview

Harvard Square - Landmark | Outdoor Activity | Square in Boston

Unlike many of its European counterparts, plazas aren’t exactly ubiquitous in Boston. However, since the city was settled and originally built by British colonists, there is still some influence that remains.

The plazas in Boston (more like the squares) serve a number of purposes in the city. They obviously make for a natural meet-up spot. They’re usually in the center of an area filled with places to eat, drink, or shop. And, they provide a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The most well-known of Boston plazas is the famous Harvard Square. Located in the center of Cambridge, the Square is a commercial and cultural center with big shopping outlets, coffee shops, book stores, bars, and restaurants. It’s also the site of various concerts and festivals throughout the year.

Other known Boston squares includes Kenmore Square, which is just north of Fenway Park, and is surrounded by stores and restaurants and also home to a few Revolutionary War landmarks. Beyond Kenmore there’s also the Paul Revere Mall (a great stop on the Freedom Trail), and Copley Square which is where the annual Boston Marathon ends its race.

Whichever square you decide to check out or simply hang out in, there will always be something to do, whether it’s eating, drinking, shopping, or soaking up a little American history along the way.

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