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Boston Common "The oldest public park in the country, Boston Common is a year-round gathering point for Bostonians of every stripe._x000D_ Boston United States 42.354342 -71.065578
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Boston Common - Landmark | Outdoor Activity | Park in Boston.
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Party Earth Review The oldest public park in the country, Boston Common is a year-round gathering point for Bostonians of every stripe. Founded in 1634, the fifty-acre expanse of green is a favorite hangout in warm weather, when students... ... read full review

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Party Earth Boston Common Review

The Scene

"The oldest public park in the country, Boston Common is a year-round gathering point for Bostonians of every stripe._x000D_

The oldest public park in the country, Boston Common is a year-round gathering point for Bostonians of every stripe.

Founded in 1634, the fifty-acre expanse of green is a favorite hangout in warm weather, when students, young professionals, and lovers show up to stroll through the picturesque Public Gardens, picnic on the grass, or laze on a swan boat in the lagoon.

Summers see flocks of young people and college coeds sunbathing or searching for relief from the heat, as the air fills with Frisbees, footballs, and notes from street musicians playing for change, while events like Boston Pride Week, Independence Day fireworks, and Shakespeare plays round out the festivities.

Sporty types can take advantage of the baseball diamond and jogging paths, or get some exercise on the Frog Pond skating rink in winter, which also makes for a great date spot.

One of the few parks that offers activities all year round, Boston Common is clearly the crown jewel in what Bostonians call their “emerald necklace” of parks.

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Tip from Emma:

If you’re looking for a fun and inexpensive winter date, just take your significant other ice skating at Frog Pond – and then top it off with a cup of hot chocolate from one of the vendors to warm up with. How romantic!

  • Crowd

    All types of all ages.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Sporting options include a baseball diamond, jogging paths for walking dogs and roller-blading, and ice skating at Frog Pond in winter.

    Cultural events include plays presented by Shakespeare on the Common, occasional concerts by the Boston Lyric Opera, and public art installations. Boston Pride events and rallies. Street performers.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Vendors sell ice cream, hot chocolate, hot dogs, and other snacks.

  • Prices

    Ice skating $4, skate rental $8. Snacks $1–$5.

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  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any warm summer day, or winter weekends for ice skating on Frog Pond.

  • Close By

    The best way to end a day in the oldest park in the country is to have a beer or two at The Bell In Hand Tavern (45–55 Union Street), the oldest bar in the country.

Boston Common User Reviews

Average rating:
Boston Commons: Perfect at any time of the year
Vivian L. Aug 9, 2013
Easily one of my favorite destinations in Boston, this public park in the middle of the city is charming and memorable. I love seeing the seasons change here. In the winter, It looks like a postcard when the entire park is covered in snow and the city sets up an ice rink and Christmas tree. In the spring and summer, the trees and flowers come alive again and it becomes a place for people to spend time with their families and enjoy the sun. For history lovers, there's a ghost tour that leads you to various historically significant spots. This walking tour begins at Boston Commons and spreads out to surrounding parts of the city.
The Heart Beat of New England
Seijah D. Jun 21, 2013
Boston Commons, referred to frequently as "the Commons" is arguably the heart of Boston. No matter the time of day or year you're likely to find the Commons adorned with people of all ages and creeds. The relaxed essence of the Commons juxtaposes magnificently with the bustling businesses that surround them. After a long day of shopping and sight seeing on your feet, you have the opportunity to sit on a park bench or lay in the grass and digest the soul of New England. If after an afternoon of reading in the shade of the trees you want to enjoy a night on the town, all you have to do is cross the street. No matter what time of year it is, a stroll through the Commons is a beautiful sight. It provides a rare and perfect balance of old and new, luxury and simplicity, relaxation and corporation.
Boston's Perfect Fill for Central Park
Chastity D. Jun 13, 2013
Boston's own renowned park is home for just about anyone looking for a nature and art filled afternoon. For those apt for early morning strolls, Boston Commons gives out some light people watching and fresh air. Situated in the heart of downtown Boston, the Commons are filled with exciting local games on the baseball field, including heart-racing Quidditch teams trying to get that snitch! The weekends are filled with new artists jamming out and children jumping for joy as they dance to the beat. Local vendors sell their freshly squeezed lemonade and wild hot dogs. Find a perfect spot underneath a tree and watch those business men stampede by.
Ones of The Most Relaxing Places in Boston
Shalayah W. Jun 4, 2013
If you want to enjoy a nice, hot, summer day while not being limited to the activities that you can do, what better place to be than the Boston Commons? There is more than enough space to have a private or huge family gathering on a historical landmark while overlooking what the wonderful city has to offer such as the AMC Loews Boston Common 19 or WERS 88.9FM radio station.The area is so serene and it also helps that everyone appears to be in a great mood. You can see people drinking smoothies, eating hotdogs, or just simply enjoying the beautiful day. This is definitely a place to remember!
Boston's Prime Hot Spot Dates, Relaxation, and Enjoyment
Brittney a. May 6, 2013
Hot spot for college students, The Boston Common begins to fill up during the spring time with stylish quilts and warm blankets! With grass, walk ways and just over the bridge the infamous esplanade, during the day time you can find romantic couples following the trails of the elegantly designed bridges and free spirited bostonians cuddling up on there blankets while soaking up the sun. The scenery is calming and it soothes your stresses! Couples are frequently found here because, what better way to get to know someone than on a blanket and enjoying the earths natural habitat? It’s like a fairy tale land, with good vibes and guitarist playing along the walk ways. And if it wasn’t so great there wouldn’t have been actual weddings that have happened here! It’s a big beautiful garden that carries Boston’s heart. Once you enter you don’t want to leave, and it steals your heart! The flowers that follow the path of cement, remind you of why Boston always has tourist having this be one of the top hits of their travels! During the winter it is turned into a winter wonderland with a skating rink which attracts all kids in the Boston area. Joy can be felt when you enter the commons because it is just always filled with laughter and smiles Kids, couples, and adults enjoy it! It’s the place to be through out all seasons. You can’t go wrong here and once you visit you’ll always come back. Next time you wonder where to take your bored kids, here’s the place! Next time you want to go on a romantic date without having a big bill, here’s the place! If you haven't been here, you might want to re-think your rate on the cool scale because this is the place to be.
Great hub for activites or relaxation
Joseph L. Apr 25, 2013
There's something about a park in the middle of a city. NYC has Central Park, Boston has the Boston Commons. What's nice about this is you have a small haven in the middle of downtown to take walks in and enjoy the nature as a getaway from the busy citylife. Also, this park is surrounded by pubs, a large Loews movie theater with IMAX, fancy French bistros, a Chinatown, and an entire street full of department stores, restaurants, and boutiques. I work near this area, and I walk through the Commons to get to bars or the movie theaters. And on special occasions, there are street performers and street food carts, so you can enjoy this place as if it were an amusement park or county fair!
A Beautiful Park in a Smaller City
Liz Z. Feb 26, 2013
Boston Common is the first place I went upon my arrival in the Greater Boston Area as a college student. It's also the place I keep going back to. In a smaller city like Boston, the park is a large and prominent feature. There are bright green trees in bloom, benches, vendors, a GREAT place for people watching, a beautiful little pond with plants wildlife. The best part of the park is that it serves as a pathway between major parts of the city. You can cut through the park on your way to Quincy Market, or just relax in the park on a beautiful day. If you enjoy being outdoors, you'll love the Common. It's clean, it's fun, it's chill, and it's the Common!
A More Serene Version of Central Park
Alyssa S. Feb 22, 2013
As a New England girl, whenever I think of a central landmark in Boston, I can't help but call to mind the Boston Common. From the sprawling greens to the lagoon complete with swans (and the occasional annoying Duck Boat tours), the Commons are a central natural hub among the surrounding safari of pavement. Whether you need a break from the hustle & bustle or are just looking for a scenic cut through to your next destination, the Commons open and inviting year-round. Perfect to bring a date with a picnic or to simply chill on a lazy summer Saturday, Boston isn't Boston with out the Common.
Necessary Nature in the City
Maryellen G. Feb 20, 2013
For those of us living in the city, it is surprising how quickly the fast-paced and crowded lifestyle can affect us psychologically. I love Boston, but during my time living in the Back Bay I found myself often stressed when trying to run or walk in order to unwind. There are little to no patches of grass where one can sit down and rest and reflect. However, there is thankfully the Boston Common, an oasis for city dwellers who need trees, grass, and open space. One afternoon visit to the Common can have you back at ease, and ready to tackle the next big assignment or hurdle. People from all walks of life visit the common, and it is a wonderful equalizer and reminder in the city that we are all connected, which can easily be forgotten when you're only frequenting your work and your (cramped) apartment. The city of Boston hosts countless public events at the Common, and on a warm spring or summer day, there is no shortage of children playing in the grass, couples reading, and jogger's jogging, reminding you to take a deep breath and enjoy.
Not so common
Tarissa R. Feb 17, 2013
Being from a small town in New Hampshire, traveling to Boston has always been more of a vacation rather than a day trip. The few times that I made it into the city were also times that were spent at the Boston Common. Between the rally for legalizing marijuana to ice skating in New England's finest weather, there is always something to do. Even without events going on people still find entertainment riding bike through the park as well as taking rides on the swan boats. This area has something to offer to everyone, young or old. Being from such a small town, going into Boston is usually stressful. I can say the most enjoyable thing about this busy city is the common area It's nice to know that in all the busyness there is a place I can take my friends to go and relax. There's always a place for us to have lunch, write, people watch, photograph and really just get a feel for the city.
Extraordinary Historical Park
Wajih D. Feb 10, 2013
I spent a year in Boston, MA and Boston Common was absolutely my favorite spot. It is so beautiful and modern, yet it has a lot of history as it's the oldest park in the United States. I got to meet so many people, and enjoyed doing so many activties like Ice skating, attending small concerts, and playing frisbee. It's in the heart of Boston so it's so close to many attractions like Massachusetts State House, Beacon Street,The Boston Public Garden.
A Must Walk in Boston
Billy K. Dec 19, 2012
I spent four years in Boston as a student and found no better place to clear my mind than the Boston Common. Winter, spring, summer, or fall all you have to do is head over to the Common to get a breath of fresh air. It's different than Central Park - it's not nearly as massive, you can't really get lost - and it's not as new and clean as Millenium Park in Chicago. However, if you have enough imagination you can picture what it was like when America was just being formed. There are various plaques and memorials that are informative and interesting. Tourists and locals alike gather here. In the winter, it's a great place to go ice skating. In the summer, be sure to bring a blanket and pack a picnic. If you want to give your brain a break, it's okay to post up around a baseball field and watch a little league or recreational softball game. In the spring and fall be sure to bring an umbrella. Don't be discouraged if it's raining though. It's still a nice walk. If you get bored, you can hop on the freedom trail (a red line that runs throughout the whole city). Bring a football or your baseball mitt and a ball in the spring. No matter what season, the Common serves as a reminder of the past and nature in a city that can be tough sometimes.
So quaint and wonderful!
Christina W. Dec 11, 2012
I love Boston Common! I have visited friends in Boston a few times, and even when it's been chilly outside they have always taken me on a long stroll through it so I can breathe in the glory. It's no Central Park, for sure, but it is beautiful and does exactly what it is meant to do: provide a lovely area of greenery and serenity in the middle of the city. I really wish I had the opportunity to spend more time there, but visiting Boston in March isn't the best time for that kind of thing. I did spend some time in a coffee shop nearby and people-watched from inside, which was still pretty cool. This is definitely a unique kind of city park, and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Boston!
the place to go for green when you're in Boston
Tara R. Dec 9, 2012
I’m far from Bostonian, but there’s something lovely about the Boston Common. It doesn’t quite have the size and variety of Central Park, but it definitely has the charm. The field of green is located smack dab in its historic center, and when I was here around Christmas there were carolers set up near the church that kept trying to get us to join in! I didn’t get a chance to go ice skating, but the frost-covered pond certainly made me want to. Boston can feel a bit snobby sometimes, but Boston Common does feel like a communal park with a place for everybody.
Boston Oasis
Caroline c. Dec 1, 2012
You absolutely can not go to Boston without going to Boston Common. It is a beautiful public park located in the center of the Back Bay and the financial district in Boston. There is lots of grass and trees and flowers. It is a great place to walk or jog or bring your dog. There are lots of fields to play sports as well. Be sure to take a ride on the swan boats. There is literally so much to do! It truly is a beautiful getaway in the heart of Boston. I most definitely recommend a visit to the Boston Common if you are in Boston.
Most beautiful part of Boston
Elizabeth K. Nov 14, 2012
This oasis located in the center of the lively Back Bay and the hustle and bustle of the financial district is the most beautiful part of the city. The bright green grass goes on as far as the eye can see and it is embellished with flowers and fountains and statues everywhere. There are always people running, on picnics, and families strolling through the gardens. I love walking through the dog parks and the fields and seeing the people of the city come to life. My childhood memories center around the Swan boats and the "make way for ducklings" statues in the commons. You cannot come to Boston without walking through the commons. There is so much to do and it is such a nice getaway from the city life of Boston. Must check it out!
Boston Gem
Jayson M. Sep 5, 2012
I don’t think I could live in any big city that didn’t have parks. Granted, Boston Common ain’t no Central Park, but it’s still pretty darn big, packed with amenities, and right in the heart of the city. Pretty sure it has been around since before the U.S.A. even existed. It’s a huge social center, hosting tons of events like parades, charity runs, fundraisers, theater, and much more. I go here during the blazing summer and snooze in the grass, and you’re always right near the theater district, Quincy Market, North End, and Chinatown. Apart from all the fearless squirrels and the couples taking ridiculously cheesy wedding photos, it’s perfect (seriously, dude? You want a photo of the two of you running through the grass to be on the invite? Come on, man, grow a pair!). One time we stole one of the boats in the lake. By stole I mean cut it loose and went on an intense .004 mph chase across the water. Ah, college.
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