Boston Irish Restaurants Overview

The Black Rose - Irish Pub | Irish Restaurant in Boston

What’s better than drinking like an Irishman? Eating like one. With the multitude of Irish restaurants in Boston, it’s easy to find a cozy spot that serves traditional Irish dishes.

The Burren in Central Square has long been a favorite hangout for hipsters and locals in the mood to toss back a few pints of Smitwicks or Guinness while munching on crispy beer-battered fish and chips. Flirty coeds can even pick up a few authentic Irish step dancing moves from their neighbors while grooving to the live band that performs most nights.

On the other side of the river, the Green Briar in Brighton provides a rustic atmosphere where the clientele of young professionals and students can listen to the city’s longest-running Irish “sessiun” on Mondays, kick their heels up on the dance floor to the DJ’s Top 40 set on Fridays and Saturdays, play trivia, or catch any major soccer game.

Brogues abound at Dorchester’s Eire Pub, a bar frequented primarily by friendly blue-collar regulars and hardcore Boston sports fans. Strong drinks and home-cooked food at low prices lend the bar a homey feel, which is why many of the Boston-bred patrons have made the bar their second home for decades. Those not interested in watching the game can play a few rounds of Keno.

Even if you’re not Irish, you’re guaranteed to feel lucky as a leprechaun after you check out one of Boston’s authentic Irish restaurants. Odds are you won’t have to spend a pot of gold, either.

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