Boston Irish Pubs Overview

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There are so many Irish pubs in Boston that you’d be hard-pressed to find an area of the city that’s devoid of one.

For starters, in Cambridge / Somerville, there’s The Phoenix Landing, The Asgard, Grafton Street Pub and Grill, and the Independent, to just name a few. Grafton Street Pub has been a Harvard pub staple for years and famous for their Sloppy Joes. Phoenix Landing meanwhile has all the trappings of a traditional Irish pub, but come 10pm turns into a raucous club.

Over in Dorchester / Jamaica Plain there’s Eire Pub and Doyle’s Café. Eire Pub is famous for hosting presidential candidates ever since Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton stopped here on the campaign trail and went on to win. Doyle’s was opened in 1882 and is considered the granddaddy of Boston Irish pubs.

In Downtown / Financial District there’s An Tain known for its super cheap prices and Ned Devine’s which rests inside the ever-bustling Faneuil Hall.

There are more Irish pubs all over Boston and most, if not all, serve up hearty portions of fish & chips or bangers & mash, frothy overflowing pints of Guinness, and plenty of sports conversation, which is usually the main focus of pub patrons’ attention anyway.

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