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Beacon Hill Pub Despite its upscale Charles Street address, Beacon Hill Pub goes for the dive bar vibe, stoking its gregarious, fratty atmosphere by offering some of the cheapest pints in Beantown. Boston United States 42.3604556 -71.0706955
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Beacon Hill Pub - Dive Bar | Pub in Boston.
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Party Earth Review Despite its upscale Charles Street address, Beacon Hill Pub goes for the dive bar vibe, stoking its gregarious, fratty atmosphere by offering some of the cheapest pints in Beantown. A magnet for the local college... ... read full review

  • T Stop:

    Red Line: Charles/MGH

  • Hours:

    Daily 11am–2am

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth Beacon Hill Pub Review

The Scene

Despite its upscale Charles Street address, Beacon Hill Pub goes for the dive bar vibe, stoking its gregarious, fratty atmosphere by offering some of the cheapest pints in Beantown.

Despite its upscale Charles Street address, Beacon Hill Pub goes for the dive bar vibe, stoking its gregarious, fratty atmosphere by offering some of the cheapest pints in Beantown.

A magnet for the local college crowds and twenty-somethings looking to get plastered, the large bar serves its drinks in plastic pint cups as a safety precaution, since loss of motor skills is inevitable at this Boston landmark.

Despite the pub’s seedy atmosphere, patrons settling in on the diner-style swivel chairs at the giant twin bars are more likely to bump up against smooth-shaven, polo-shirted guys and giddy sorority girls than the leather jacket and handlebar mustache set or world-weary bar flies.

Although blaring rock music helps maintain the party atmosphere, those in need of more entertainment can try their luck at Pop-A-Shot or Buck Hunter along the back wall, write snarky comments on the chalkboard, or make a game of spotting the lip-locked preppy singles in the dark corners.

Like any good dive, Beacon Hill Pub takes cash only, though patrons are sure to be paying for their fuzzy memories well into the next day.

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Tip from Lucas:

After a few $2 pints of Busch Light or whatever special is on tap that night, you’ll feel the need to leave your mark. Luckily it’s encouraged here, so grab some chalk and document your domination of the foosball table on the wall.

  • Crowd

    Preppy college students, frat and sorority types, recent grads, and young professionals, mostly 20s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Dartboards, photo hunt, video games, Pop-A-Shot, and foosball.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Cash only. Vending machine with snacks.

  • Prices

    Beer $2+, wine $4+, cocktails $7.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything goes, from jeans and t-shirts to button-downs and slacks.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Fridays and Saturdays to either start or end the night.

  • Close By

    King & I Thai (145 Charles Street) is right next door. Great place to stop beforehand for a good, cheap, fast meal.

Beacon Hill Pub User Reviews

Average rating:
The Best Bad Experience $ Can Buy in Beacon Hill
Alex W. Aug 26, 2013
Fact: There's nothing pretty about Beacon Hill Pub. Or trendy. Or classy. Or clean. Or [insert 100 similar adjectives here]. If Beacon Hill is Boston's swankiest neighborhood, than BHP (as it is affectionately referred to by unscrupulous thirsty folk everywhere) is basically the uncouth cad who shows up to the elite country club, makes drunken scenes, and gives Mrs Swanson heart palpitations while she walks her cockerspaniel down Pinckney St. Yup, this place is a dive. Sort of. BHP has most dive-bar hallmarks: The pungent aroma of stale beer, sweat, musk, and just a whiff of urine. The cheap and uninspired drink list, with "as long as it gets ya drunk!" the guiding philosophy. The dark and drab basement-like appearance. A general lack of basic hygienic standards (One visit, a drunken woman projectile-vomited on a large area of the floor including my shoe, and nobody bothered to clean it up, as if the barf puddle imbued the bar with a certain authenticity.) But its not your typical dive of salty local types, rough cut rogues, and weary travelers. It caters mostly to two distinct groups, if one could separate them as such: The Young and the Weirdos. What mystic elements lures the former group to Beacon Hill Pub is hardly a mystery. Its CHEAP! Like 'look for lose change under couch cushions for use at the bar cheap'. Its no secret that your average college kid is broke as a bad joke. I should know. The young, poor, and restless have a thirst. BHP provides. Draft beers start at $2 and house vodka/gin drinks start at $3. Some drinks taste like they might have been distilled with gasoline, but isn't the reason students flock to these places to burn off their remaining brain cells anyway? It gets the job done. And people get drunk. People in experimental phases of life with lowered inhibitions, enhanced by BHP's unofficial 'anything goes' mentality. You get the picture. Not quite? Just head inside on a Saturday night. As for the second general group, the aforementioned weirdos, I'm not entirely sure what draws them to Beacon Hill Pub likes flies to a leftover plate of Korean BBQ. It could be an opportunistic chance to take advantage of all those youthful lowered inhibitions. Maybe BHP serves as a nonconformist beacon, emanating debauchery from within the prim and proper perimeter of Beacon Hill. Perhaps its some hidden chemical in BHP's signature musty smell. Its probably just a pragmatic reason, like most college students, many weirdos seem to be short on cash. Whatever it is, one will see all sorts of characters on any given night. I once saw a self-proclaimed pimp (in full stereotypical pimp attire) playing foosball with a 4-foot-something tall, elderly Irish woman wearing full ceremonial-dress tartan. No it wasn't Halloween. It was the night before Easter. So yeah, no such thing as a dress code in BHP. I could wear crocs and an aligator skin trench coat and not even be the strangest dressed person in there. Seriously. I mean this is a place in which a review by a local magazine, likening Beacon Hill Pub's crowd and atmosphere to the famous cantina scene in Star Wars, is PROUDLY framed and displayed on the wall for all to see. Ownership and staff are PROUD of the comparison of Beacon Hill Pub to a sleazy, ALIEN bar, full of intergalactic rednecks and ruffians. But in sticking with a movie theme, just as some movies are so awful that they're actually good, if only in a novelty and 'laugh at how ridiculous this is', entertaining way, Beacon Hill Pub enjoys the benefits of this paradoxical phenomenon. It's so absurdly grungy, wacky, and every quality that would usually condemn a bar bad, that it can be a really fun time, as long as you know what you're getting into and have the right expectations: which is to say, none! So stop in to Beacon Hill Pub if you're feeling queerly adventurous, masochistic, rambunctious, or just plain old broke. They only take cash, which is slightly annoying, but probably a blessing in disguise, less you buy a round for those anime convention attendees and that old guy with the mullet who keeps licking his lips and staring at you. You might even have some of the best times you'll never remember (and probably shouldn't ), or surely see something that you'll never forget (and probably wish you could). At the very least you'll have an experience. And what is life without those? Boring. Well, say whatever you want about Beacon Hill Pub (and you can say, oh, just so much), but as far as Boston bars go, BHP is hardly boring.
A Dive Bar in Beacon Hill
Vivian L. Aug 9, 2013
An odd installation in the Beacon Hill neighborhood. Beacon Hill is notoriously one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Boston, but this is undisputedly a dive bar complete with cheap beers, a foosball table, jukebox, and old arcade machines. The arcade machines are great fun, and I highly recommend you play at least one game if you are here. It's a low key, no frills place and sometimes that's exactly what I'm looking for. The crowd here is on the younger side but honestly you can get all sorts of characters here.
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