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Paradise Rock Club and Lounge A time-honored hangout and live venue for Beantown's rocker community since it opened in the mid-1970s, the 1000-capacity Paradise Rock Club and Lounge has developed a reputation as a tastemaker on the Boston music scene... Boston United States 42.3518332 -71.1195379
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Paradise Rock Club and Lounge - Bar | Club | Music Venue in Boston.
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Party Earth Review A time-honored hangout and live venue for Beantown’s rocker community since it opened in the mid-1970s, the 1000-capacity Paradise Rock Club and Lounge has developed a reputation as a tastemaker on the Boston music scene... ... read full review

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    Green Line (B): Pleasant Street

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    Daily 6pm–2am

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    • Night Spot

Paradise Rock Club and Lounge Videos

KT Tunstall: "One Day," Paradise Rock Club, Boston 3.3.06
KT Tunstall: "One Day," Paradise Rock Club, Boston 3.3.06
Dirty Projectors at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA 11/17/09
Marc Broussard "Gavin's Song" in Boston
Landon Pigg - Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop
Apocalyptica Paradice Rock Club Boston Part 4/8
Magic Magic. plays French Song

Party Earth Paradise Rock Club and Lounge Review

The Scene

A time-honored hangout and live venue for Beantown's rocker community since it opened in the mid-1970s, the 1000-capacity Paradise Rock Club and Lounge has developed a reputation as a tastemaker on the Boston music scene...

A time-honored hangout and live venue for Beantown’s rocker community since it opened in the mid-1970s, the 1000-capacity Paradise Rock Club and Lounge has developed a reputation as a tastemaker on the Boston music scene, hosting over the years such performers as The Black Crowes, Tom Waits, Wilco, and The Hold Steady.

Just as relevant today, the venue routinely books some of the best up-and-coming indie rock and alternative bands in the country, with occasional nostalgic 90s acts thrown in for good measure.

A signature black marquee and buzzing neon sign greet the crowd of hip rockers and artsy Boston University students that shows up every night to smoke, drink, and talk music in the lounge before the first band takes the stage.

Once the music starts, however, patrons pile into the music room – a vast black-box and bare boned space featuring a couple of bars and a raised stage – where the night turns into a sweaty party as raucous fans dance and sway to the waves of sound.

Loud and energetic, Paradise has an impressive history and a consistently great lineup of underground bands that give it enough street cred to keep the local scenesters coming back for more.

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Tip from Jonah:

If you’re really into the scene and don’t want to miss a favorite band, you’ll want to check the website often for the most up-to-date schedule. Some shows sell out almost as soon as they’re announced – plus you might run across the occasional discount for advance ticket purchase.

  • Crowd

    Artsy BU students, Allston hipsters, indie rock fans, creative young professionals, and some frat and sorority types, late teens to early 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Concerts almost every night, featuring everything from indie, alternative, and classic rock to electro, dance, and hip-hop. Check the website for schedule.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Bar menu featuring fish and chips and burgers served in the front lounge area.

  • Prices

    Cover charge $7–$25 for shows. Appetizers $5.95+, entrées $10+. Beer $5+, cocktails $8.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual: men in tight jeans, t-shirts, and some vintage clothing, and women in tight jeans and tops, vintage 80s dresses, leggings, and t-shirts.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Depends on the bands, but Friday and Saturday nights tend to bring in bigger crowds.

  • Close By

    In Your Ear (957 Commonwealth Avenue) is a great used record store only a block from Paradise.

Paradise Rock Club and Lounge User Reviews

Average rating:
Top Venue in Boston
Jen Y. Aug 12, 2013
The Paradise Rock Club and Lounge is by far one of my favorite venues in the city; this club offers genre variety unlike most others and caters to concert-goers of all ages and interests. Unlike other venues that book big acts, The Paradise is just the right size: big enough that theres ample room to dance, but small enough that every concert feels intimate and personal. Theres a very casual feel to this spot, regardless of the event, and whatever you want to wear is acceptable here. Drinks are reasonably priced and you can stand by the bar without missing a moment of the show. I would recommend this venue to anyone who finds stadium sized events sub-par and wants to really see an act up close, or to someone who would see a blues concert one night and a dubstep DJ the next. Either way, you can't go wrong with the Paradise.
Date Night Fun!
Kyial R. Mar 30, 2013
After a penetrating day of work I seek relaxation. I'm young so that means beer, appetizers and music and this place is a triple threat. It's a treat to be able to sit with and speak to artist of all kinds, right before they hit the stage. The lounge is built to be personal, we became friends instead of fans and we vacations close to home.
Boston's Best - Intimacy at its finest.
Mike F. Feb 19, 2013
The Paradise Rock Club is one of Boston's finest concert venues. Although it is not one of the largest concert venues in the area it hosts some of the best local and national artists. The Paradise embodies what a small concert venue should be. From the signage on the front of the building to the interior design you're immediately transported into a musical state of mind. Like many other venues in Boston it is wise to arrive early in order to find a good spot to watch the show. Once posted up be prepared to enjoy a great night of music no matter who is playing. The club has great acoustics and there isn't really a bad spot to listen to the show from. The downstairs is a wide-open floor with various areas to get drinks. If you'd prefer an upper level experience, there is a balcony that also wraps around the back of the club. The only downside to the club is several columns throughout the structure. These columns can occasionally put a damper on the visual experience; however, have no impact on your auditory enjoyment. Due to the smaller size of the club and the ability to remain close to the performer creates an unparalleled front row ambiance. It is an unbelievable venue to see any genre of music and will bring you to your own musical paradise.
Great Music in a Classic Venue
Jessie O. Feb 11, 2013
I loved everything about Paradise Rock from the beautiful marquee to the great scene once you're inside! Paradise Rock really knows how to book its acts! The variety of genres is also fantastic as someone who listens to everything from Rap to Math Rock I really appreciate their desire to please all crowds and scenes. That being said the venue is great BUT if you don't have a great position at the front of the stage you might be in for an irritating time. It's hard to watch performers from the middle and back of the crowd. Being 5'8" I normally don't complain about being able to watch a performance but I had to tip toe almost the entire time! Another negative is that there are several massive columns that people have to stand around while in the crowd. I was caught staring blankly at one of these for at least 20 minutes before I was able to move. Although these are negatives for me I would definitely go back now that I know about them! The bands are too irresistible to say no to! Overall if you want to watch great bands perform and get down and dirty in a hot and steamy venue in a great location this is the perfect place to go! Be sure to get there early for a good view!
Paradise Rock Club - Great Venue for Any Act
Dylan H. Jan 31, 2013
Having attended more than a handful of shows at the Paradise Rock Club, I find it safe to say this is one of my favorite venues in the Boston area. Walking in for a classic rock show, I found myself surrounded by fans of all ages and backgrounds. A few months later while attending an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) show, a similar phenomena occurred. The Paradise is truly a venue that can host any act and any demographic from an audience. The staff at the Club have always been more than welcoming. Shows are rarely overcrowded, and the space is perfect for enjoying an intimate set from any of your favorite bands. Having spent time in the general admission and balcony area, it's safe to say the Paradise Rock Club makes any act sound spotless from any vantage point. My only complaint would be the age restrictions on many shows. Although a mature audience is appropriate for many concerts, the 18+ admittance age seems unnecessary for many of the Club's bookings. All in all, I give the Paradise Rock Club 3/4 stars and would push anyone on the edge of attending a show here to go!
Great venue for great acts
Amanda M. Jan 8, 2013
I went to the Paradise Rock Club for the first time to see the band Aer, which is sort of your chill rap meets reggae type of music. They originated from a college campus, and as such I assumed that their audience would be college aged kids. To my surprise when I arrived it was mostly high school and younger expecting a huge rave rather than just listening to the music. They were super pushy and were more concerned with grabbing Carter Schultz's hand than actually listening to the music. The downstairs pit area was where most people were, but because this concert was on the smaller side the upper balcony was closed. Had the upper balcony been open, and my friends and I could have chilled and just enjoyed the music from above, this concert would have been awesome. So word to the wise: try to be on the balcony. Although the balcony rule generally a good one to follow here, had the concert been for an act with an older crowd or with rock music instead of hip hop/pop, I don't think crazy tweens would have been such an issue. Overall the venue was super cool, the vibe from the club was awesome, but make sure you pick a night with a good act.
The sound of the underground
Areia S. Dec 10, 2012
When it comes to seeing national and international alternative and indie acts in Boston, you've got a few options -- even the House of Blues hosts everything from electronica to classic New Wave artists. But the 'dise (as it's popularly called) was revamped a few years ago to give you the most bang for your concert-going, music-loving buck. Cutting edge bands that tour the East Coast often bypass Boston entirely -- and when they don't, you'll probably have the 'dise to thank for your only chance to see that obscure black-clad artiste or infamously raucous rocker. Despite not being the only game in town, it's a Beantown institution that attracts the perfect mix of hardcore fans, open-minded kids and seasoned music vets, all psyched to see their heroes perform on the small stage. Acoustics are loud, but not ear-splitting -- you won't have to worry about bad feedback or a poor mix here, and the views can't be beat. The lounge next door is always there to provide a little peace, quiet, and tasty bar fare before and after the show. Simple and unpretentious, the 'dise sets the scene for generations of music fanatics to squeeze in and rock like it's going out of style. And if you go once, chances are you'll be back -- perhaps because it's the only place in Boston your favorite band likes to play.
Best place in Boston to see live music
Ed M. Oct 20, 2012
The Paradise Rock Club is everything that a music club should be; it's loud, it's funky, and it smells slightly like stale beer. It's legendary with good reason. Somehow they stuff 1000 people into the place, but it feels more like 200. Over the years and the shows, even on the balcony, I have never been too far to read what brand of picks the band is using. The Paradise hosts all manner of great small-venue bands, many of who go on to be headlining acts. If you've always wanted to tell your friends, "Yeah, I saw them then," this is the place to do it. Furthermore, artists have a tendency to head next door to 973 Commonwealth for a drink after the show, so you gave give them your demo tape. If you're into Yo-Yo Ma or Taylor Swift this probably isn't the place for you. But if you like skirts that ride up a little too high, rollicking guitar riffs and cold beer I'll see you at The Paradise Rock Club.
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