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Orpheum Theater Want to find the latest concerts at the Orpheum Theater in Boston? Check out Party Earth for updates on the Orpheum & experience this amazing venue for yourself! Boston United States 42.356364 -71.061169
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Orpheum Theater - Concert Venue | Music Venue in Boston.
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INFO Hidden away in plain sight by the back entrance of the Corner Mall in Downtown Crossing, the Orpheum Theater is one of Beantown’s most historic venues. Built in 1852, it was at first the home of the Boston... ... read more

Orpheum Theater Videos

Mika - One foot Boy @Orpheum Theater, Boston
Mika - One foot Boy @Orpheum Theater, Boston
Pearl Jam - Immortality (SBD) - 4.12.94 Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA
Nick Jonas is a Funny Guy @ Orpheum Theater, Boston 1/12/10
ADELE - Stand By Me at the Orpheum Theater Boston, MA 5/2/2009
Pearl Jam - Evenflow (SBD) - 4.12.94 Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA
"Dirty Old Man"- Neil Young @ Orpheum Theatre Boston Dec. 6
Primus - "American Life" - Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA 9/23/2011
Sufjan Stevens: Vesuvius - Orpheum Theatre (Boston, MA) 11.11.2010
Pearl Jam - Rats (SBD) - 4.12.94 Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA
Primus - "Jilly's on Smack' - Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA 9/23/2011
Josh Ritter: Lantern - Orpheum Theatre (Boston, MA) 5.21.2010 HD
Pearl Jam - Release (SBD) - 4.12.94 Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA
The Antlers - "Rolled Together" - Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA 10/5/2011
Trey Anastasio 11-16-2005 Orpheum Theatre Boston, Ma FEFY and Invisible
Sufjan Stevens: Get Real Get Right - Orpheum Theatre (Boston, MA) 11.11.2010
The Black Crowes - 26 October 1996 - Orpheum Theatre - Boston, MA - Full Show
Mika - Missionary Man, Orpheum Theatre Boston
ELO - Eldorado Live @ Boston, Orpheum Theater
Furthur / Orpheum Theater / Boston / The Other One
Julio Voltio live at Orpheum Theater (Boston)
Pearl Jam - Alone (SBD) - 4.12.94 Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA

Orpheum Theater Information

Orpheum Theater - Concert Venue | Music Venue in Boston.

Hidden away in plain sight by the back entrance of the Corner Mall in Downtown Crossing, the Orpheum Theater is one of Beantown’s most historic venues.

Built in 1852, it was at first the home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and acquired its current name in 1906. Throughout the years, the Orpheum Theater underwent many changes of direction and hands, during various periods serving as a vaudeville show house, a movie theater, the home of the Opera Company of Boston, and a live concert hall, hosting such powerhouses as James Brown, the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, and the Police.

In its current manifestation, the Orpheum Theater is a music venue, billing mid-level alternative bands suited for the 2,700-seat auditorium. Concerts at the Orpheum Theater include everything from Grizzly Bear and Metric to David Byrne.

Several garages in the area mean that parking at the Orpheum Theater isn’t too difficult, and the proximity of the Downtown Crossing T stop, merging the Green, Red, and Orange lines, make traveling via public transportation a cinch. Seeing concerts at the Orpheum Theater are a delight for history nerds as well – the interior harkens back to the ‘20s, with high white arches and intricately detailed molding.

Orpheum Theater User Reviews

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Great Sound, Classy Ambiance, Convenience
Casey D. Apr 2, 2013
While the House of Blues might get the name recognition, the Orpheum may just be the best sounding venue to see a live rock show in Boston. When I went to see the Airborne Toxic Event, I was skeptical of both the concert hall and the band, having never been to or really heard either. And the place really does look like what you’d imagine a turn-of-the-century opera house would—murals, sconces, velvet curtains... clean. Frankly, I like my rock ‘n roll with alil’ more dank and alil’ less class. Also from the looks of it, there’s no real pit/standing room area to be seen, just cushy seats all around—not entirely how I usually like to enjoy my rock. But let me tell you, every act that night sounded and played awesome (I believe the other bands were locals Drowning Men and MONA—yeah, didn’t know anything about them either). But by the start of the second act, I was sold: Orpheum Theatre is a formidable music venue, especially with the wealth of mid-range modern/indie acts it regularly books. Plus, surprisingly, I did really enjoy the comfort of the plush seating. Also, this music venue is so conveniently located. It is positioned almost directly across from the Park St. T (which is on the corner Boston Commons), and is just a short jaunt from many of the T lines that flow into the Downtown Crossing stop. This also makes it convenient for post-concert revelry at some of the finer downtown drinking establishments Boston has to offer, including the veritable college row of bars on Union Street.
Vintage Venue offers Modern Music
Bethany R. Feb 20, 2013
Fear not "obstructed view" tickets to the Orpheum. As Boston's seasoned concertgoers know, the only thing obstructing the view at the Orpheum is the stage. This small yet cozy venue gets you close enough to see the sweat beads on your favorite indie or rock musicians' forehead. The historic building gives you the feeling of being taken back in time, but the music is contemporary with a steady mix of 80's and 90's throwbacks. Don't expect to be sitting down for the show; the seats have suffered wear and tear while the crowd of genuine music-lovers are usually on their feet anyway. The Orpheum offers character and intimacy unmatched by other venues like the impersonal TD garden or the vast Bank of America Pavilion. Drawing in mostly twenty-something's, this locale is ideal to experience an up close and personal performance by your favorite alternative act.
Boston's Best Indie Venue
Daniel B. Sep 14, 2012
The Orpheum consistently brings top rock, pop, electronic, and indie bands to Boston. The place was built as a venue for the Boston Symphony in 1852 and still retains its historical elegance and glamor. I got to see Sufjan Stevens play here right after "The Age of Adz" and both the floor, pit, and balcony were absolutely packed. It's right in downtown by the Commons so getting to it is super easy. And if you happen to have a little too much to drink there's a T stop a block away. Given the kinds of headliners The Orpheum brings, the crowd here is mostly college-aged and just here for the music.
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