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House of Blues Boston Searching for concerts at House of Blues in Boston? Check out Party Earth for House of Blues schedules and experience this incredible concert venue for yourself! Boston United States 42.347184 -71.095704
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House of Blues Boston - Concert Venue | Music Venue in Boston.
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INFO A stone’s throw from Fenway Park, the House of Blues has hosted some of the most popular rock, punk, and indie bands to come through Boston – and its medium-scale size allows patrons to actually see the performers in addition... ... read more

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Deadmau5 concert - House of Blues Boston - July 21, 2010
Deadmau5 concert - House of Blues Boston - July 21, 2010
Rise Against - Prayer of the Refugee (Live House of Blues, Boston)
Backstage at the House of Blues in Boston
Rise Against - Savior (Live House of Blues, Boston)
Animotion - Obsession - House of Blues Boston 2/11/10

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House of Blues Boston - Concert Venue | Music Venue in Boston.

A stone’s throw from Fenway Park, the House of Blues has hosted some of the most popular rock, punk, and indie bands to come through Boston – and its medium-scale size allows patrons to actually see the performers in addition to hearing them. The likes of the Dropkick Murphys, Bon Iver, the Roots, Lady Gaga, Sleigh Bells, and Sia have all played shows at the House of Blues since its inception in 2008, with many concerts selling close to the 2,425-person capacity. For those who are not into being crushed in the giddy crowd, the mezzanine second floor offers a bird’s-eye view of the action and more wiggle room. The three-story venue also includes a restaurant that serves greasy bar bites and hearty Southern dishes, and the swanky 60-seat Foundation Room, which offers a more upscale dining experience and is made even more alluring by its members-only policy. All areas are available for special events rentals, making the HOB one of the Hub’s choicest private party locales.

House of Blues Boston User Reviews

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Best Concert Venue in the City
Ramiro O. Aug 31, 2013
I have attended several concerts at the House of Blues and it has always been a great time. A lot of dancing and jumping. The location is great, just off of Kenmore, the green line and a many bus lines. I really enjoy the fact that it is an actual concert venue and not a theater, so there are no chair when there is a concert, fun. It is so convenient and the line up is so great that I tend to go back often.
A great place for a fun party
Declan W. Jul 2, 2013
Although I have only been to The House of Blue Boston on one occasion, it was extremely entertaining. I attended one of Budweiser's free parties called "Made in America." Budweiser certainly went all out providing free entrance, and free beer all night for simply liking their page. But the atmosphere in the venue is really what made this a great experience for me. The electro DJ Mimosa was headlining that night and played a great set. Importantly, everyone in attendance seemed to be having a great time (possibly because of the free booze), and I didn't have the usual electronic concert experience of being jammed into a crowd preventing me from moving. The House of Blues had fantastic lights, and a great sound system (although loud, my hears weren't blown after partying all night). The setup was perfect if you wanted to dance in the middle, or take it easy and drink on the side. I have also been to The House of Blues San Diego, and personally prefer Boston much more. Even though it will be hard to beat a free party, I look forward to my next trip to The House of Blues Boston
With the great location, atmosphere, and performances, I'd have to admit that The House of Blue is one of my favorite venues.
Nikki K. May 23, 2013
I have been to The House of Blues a handful of times to see some of my favorite artists perform. The venue itself is located in a very convenient area that is close to bars, restaurants, and the T for those who do not choose to drive in. When you turn the corner onto Landsdowne street and see the enormous sign lighting up the sidewalk, it's hard not to become excited and get those pre-concert butterflies in your stomach. You will notice when you finally get inside that the venue is seeping with the most appropriate energy. It really is a great atmosphere. There are three levels at this venue. If you're in standing room only, I suggest you get there early since it fills up pretty quickly and it becomes difficult to see the performance over and between people's heads. Overall, this venue is one of my favorites.
Quaintly Grimy
Kelly G. Apr 25, 2013
When I went to House of Blues, it was to see the one and only Ke$ha in concert which, in itself, is pretty much guaranteed to be an interesting experience. House of Blues is located in a great spot, with some awesome bars and restaurants within walking distance for before or after your show. For this concert, it was standing room, which could have been a problem. But, generally speaking, it wasn't too difficult to see the show. The atmosphere of House of Blue was fantastic-- very appropriate for live music. If a band you like is playing at House of Blues, don't pass it up!
Allie F. Apr 3, 2013
Rusko killed it here in Boston! Saw him in Florida but was super impressed in Boston.
The House of Blues won't leave ya feelin' blue.
Kacie C. Mar 31, 2013
The House of blues is one of the best venues for live music in the Boston Area. One will never be lacking in terms of finding an intriguing or exciting show, no matter what their musical preference. Each week artists- from EDM, Rap, Hip-Hop, Rock, R&B, Indie, Pop, Ect.- transform the two-leveled building in ways that reflect their musical talents. The space is ideal for small, intimate acoustic sets to bass bumping, lights blaring, have you dancing all night musical spectacles. Each show offers a unique experience- and it is not too difficult to sneak to the front for those adventurous types! The Venue is conveniently located near the green line for those using public transportation and additionally offers parking in a parking structure nearby. It is easy to find, and when arriving at a reasonable time the lines are never very long. Nestled right near Fenway, The House of blues is surrounded by stores, bars, and restaurants for those who wish to prepare, pre-game, refuel, or continue the party afterwards. One warning- The House of Blues is extremely strict with their entry policies. Pay attention to the restrictions pertinent to your ticket (ie: 18+ or 21+) and have the proper identification ready. While it is common and perhaps more economical to drink before a show, be mindful of your intoxication level. Security has no issues with kicking people out or denying them entry based on their own discretion. Although perhaps not more ideal, taking advantage of the bar at the venue may be more worthwhile and is actually not too expensive. Common sense and courtesy will get you a long way and will allow for the most fun night possible!
Their concert lineup speaks for itself!!!!!!
Nina W. Mar 29, 2013
The House of Blues is music-industry titan, and nowhere does it better than Boston. Ok, maybe somewhere does it better. I haven’t experienced them all; and I bet the Vegas one is pretty tight. But I will say that as a seasoned concertgoer who has lived in many cities, the Boston House of Blues is up there in my favorite venues of all time. You can enjoy a drink before a show in the Foundation Room if you’re a member, which I would recommend to any live music lover in the area. The Foundation Room is chock full of oriental carpets, Asian art, and awkward Boston professionals—a winning combination. The room exudes Middle Eastern warmth and comfort, with a fireplace, a full bar, and tables and couches scattered throughout the area. Once you exit that den of exclusivity, however, the simple brilliance of the venue is revealed to you. The floor is directly in front of the stage, with bars flanking on either side, and the second level boasts a wraparound balcony with, again, bars on either side. The décor is similar to the Foundation room with a little more of a rock n’ roll neon vibe, which contributes to the intimacy of the large room. Although the best (and only) seats in the house are on the central balcony on the second floor, the only way to see a show at the House of Blues is from the floor. You can drink, dance, sway, and generally share in the experience with your fellow music lovers all while seeing what is usually a mind-blowing show. The acoustics in the House of Blues are somehow spot on, and they are constantly booking the most incredible names. I’ve seen everyone from Hole to Jeff Beck to Grace Potter to Alabama Shakes there, and they almost always bring it home for the win. I love, love, LOVE the Boston House of Blues, and I know that you will too! In fact, if you’re anywhere near any of the Houses of Blues, I would recommend looking into becoming a member so you can enjoy the perks. Cheers!
Collie Budz and Zion-I at HoB
Jamin W. Mar 29, 2013
The House of Blues Boston is an iconic music venue for good reason, amazing acoustics, enough room and bars to never be thirsty or feel too claustrophobic, and awe-inspiring lighting. The show put on by Collie Buddz, Zion-I(pronounced like I and I), and New Kingston was no exception. New Kingston is a group of three brothers that opened up with their unique brand of crossover reggae, fusing their reggae stylings with hip-hop, jazz, and pop rhythms. They did an amazing job building energy and setting the mood for the rest of the show, one of the best openers I’ve seen in a while, and certainly deserving of their own act. Next up came Zion-I who kept their energy flowing with their melodic and upbeat tunes. Powerful and provocative lyrics echo through the hall as R&B influenced poppy rhythms lead the crowd in a steady flow. Again, a very fitting opening act that got the crowd in the right mood, although I’m sure the clouds of smoke rising up were helping that too. Finally, the crowd erupts as the act everyone had been waiting for, Collie Buddz, explodes onto the stage. High energy, green lights, smoke machines, both behind the stage and in the audience, give the show an appropriate ambiance and aroma. Collie is a master of performing, he engages the crowd, sings the favorites, “Come around” was phenomenal, and even broke out some classics, delivering an emotionally charged performance of Bob Marley’s “No woman, no cry”. All in all, it was an amazing show filled with great vibes and positive energy. Next time Collie Buddz and the rest of the crew swing by see them, you won’t regret it.
Great Venue for Live Music
Catherine J. Mar 22, 2013
House of Blues is my go to place in Boston for live music. The venue is large enough to attract national acts, but small enough to keep the shows somewhat intimate. In addition to the main hall there is the Foundation Room, a members only lounge where you can hang out and grab some dinner before the show. The staff is very friendly but equally strict, so don't even try to drink if you're under 21...I've seen plenty of people get kicked out before shows have even started. Don't let that be you! Get there early if you want a spot up front, as it's not uncommon for the line to go all the way up Lansdowne. If you do become a victim of the line, don't worry; there is plenty of space inside and, because of the layout, there are virtually no bad seats! I've seen gigs up front, by the back, and on the upper levels and have never had a bad experience. I'd definitely recommend House of Blues to anyone wants to catch a great show in an intimate setting.
Big Gigantic
Elise V. Mar 13, 2013
House of Blues has a strict entrance, but once you are inside you will see why. Though it is a small venue the lights and atmosphere is amazing. If you don't get on the floor, or general admission tickets to the floor then good luck getting down. They do not tolerate any con artistry, and will not hesitate to throw you out. That being said the show was amazing. Big Gigantic is an amazing show of live music and technology and lights all jam packed into one. When I say jam packed I mean jam packed. There is not one moment during their show when you should be sitting still. Unless the show is over, then House of Blues will not hesitate to shove you out the door. When the show is over, it is over my friend. No amount of applause or yelling will allow the artist back onstage for an encore.
Intamite Concert Viewing
Rebecca M. Mar 13, 2013
The House of Blues in Boston is a great place to see a concert or performance. They always offer different genres of music to attract to a wide variety of people. Even if you are in the back row, you can still see the stage well. The size itself is what helps to create this atmosphere which will pay off when you feel like you are seeing the person on stage at a normal size instead of a tiny speck of a person. The location is prime, right in the heart of Boston where you can go out to eat before or after the show. The venue also has bars on the inside which make it easy to enjoy endless drinks throughout your viewing. I would definitely look into seeing a concert there if possible!
Check Out This Venue
Max P. Mar 5, 2013
Boston’s House of Blues offers concertgoers a uniquely intimate way to enjoy first class entertainment. Nestled at the center of Boston’s historic Fenway neighborhood and situated across from the stadium itself, this medium size venue caters to all genres and tastes. During shows, the venue’s size and layout produces a high-energy and vibrant atmosphere. Diehard fans eager for front row action can make their way to the stage while those interested in grabbing a drink can enjoy one of the venue’s many bars. The venue’s rustic and worldly ambiance when combined with great music creates a truly incredible concert experience. After the show transportation is simple due to the venue’s proximity to a variety of subway and bus stops. If you’re not ready to call it quits you can grab a drink at any one of the bars located in Fenway or nearby Kenmore Square. House of Blues is a great way to watch your favorite artists while experiencing an iconic Boston neighborhood.
Bostons Best Music Venue
Joey B. Feb 28, 2013
Whether it is a Barstool or Matisyahu concert, the House of Blues Boston is an amazing venue. Sounds are great, very spacious, and ticket prices are reasonable for whoever you are going to see. The bar staff are nice and helpful as well as offer reasonable prices for all types of drinks. The entire atmosphere that they create inside truly uplifts ones experience there.
Best sound in the city
Rebecca F. Feb 28, 2013
I go to a lot of concerts around the city, and the House of Blues is definitely my favorite venue for seeing national acts. I had been to a few events when it was known as the Avalon, and the improvements made to this venue under the new name are truly outstanding. The sound is phenomenal, the stage is beautiful, and everything is always sparkling clean. My only real complaint about the House of Blues is the mezzanine section. Unless you're standing against the balcony, you won't be able to see, and will be stuck watching the show on a small tv screen. If you do end up with mezzanine tickets, make sure you get to the concert early so you can snag one of those front row spots for unobstructed viewing. As this is a LiveNation venue, tickets can sometimes be pricey, but I've never regretted paying a lot to see a show at the House of Blues. Definitely check it out, if you haven't yet!
Boston's Best for Live Music
Bethany R. Feb 20, 2013
Ideally located on Boston's famous Lansdowne St., the House of Blues Boston is easy to find and surrounded by bars and restaurants to visit before or after the show. This multi-level venue offers a little something for everyone. Foodies will enjoy the restaurant with indulgent appetizers and soul-inspired menu. The first floor touts enough room for dancing and a clear view to the stage, while the second floor is perfect for wallflowers looking for a calmer way to watch the show. Don't miss funky favorites like the Gospel Brunch, where you can enjoy an array of hearty breakfast foods while being serenaded by some of the best voices in town. Offering the most eclectic lineup in Boston, the crowd can range anywhere from teens to baby boomers depending on the show. But the diverse options are what makes the House of Blues such a celebrated venue. Only at the House of Blues can you find reggae, indie, R&b, and electronic under one roof, guaranteeing a unique experience every time.
House Of Blues (Boston): Review
Aaron H. Feb 14, 2013
People don't want $10-15 dollar beer, crowded lines, and the frustration of finding one's seat at the Madison Square Garden. Big and bright, but NO. What the people want IS the infamous and intimate House Of Blues in Boston. The smaller size would be no issue for me or for any at "The Weeknd's" back-to-back concert at the HOB in Boston (2012). The HOB motivates all to get out there seats and you'll seriously feel like your missing out if your sitting, cant say that for TD garden. The location is excellent, its right across the street from Fenway Park and close to the Green T Line. The night of the concert, everybody was pleased. No matter your age or taste, the HOB is a great place to have fun at night. The HOB (Boston) can be a place where your fantasy comes to real life.
The House of Blues in Boston: A review
Jay K. Feb 12, 2013
If you're looking for a great music venue in Boston visit the House of Blues. Located on Lansdowne St. this venue is easy to find and is accessible for all guests. The House of Blues is highly respected inside the music community. Bands such as The Black Crowes, Dropkick Murphy's, Bassnecter and others have played shows here. For those who have not visited this venue before, it is a three story building with the first floor being the stage. While bands play it can be intimidating standing near the stage. The House of Blues offers a second floor viewing section for those who enjoy a more relaxing time. If you find yourself craving a cold one, or a some grub there's a grill and bar located on the third floor. The House of Blues displays a friendly, relaxed atmosphere that anyone can enjoy. Be careful, security can be tight. Don't think you wont be caught if you're underage. The security makes your experience more enjoyable. Be smart and follow the rules.
Absolutely Incredible
Haley S. Feb 7, 2013
The House of Blues is hands down my favorite concert venue in Boston. Not only is it in a great location, the space is big enough so you never feel overly crowded while still being small enough so there is not a single bad seat in the house. I have seen a number of performances there and each one has been a unique experience. The House of Blues offers a cool, relaxed atmosphere but also features an iconic history of performances and acts. You won't be disappointed. Just be careful with drinking. Because the House of Blues is so well-respected and prestigious, the security staff will not hesistate to not let people in or kick them out, especially underage college students with fake IDs. It's not worth losing the money or missing the show and the experience because you pregamed too hard on the cab ride over, so be smart.
Completely Unique and Unforgettable
Sarah G. Jan 24, 2013
This place is seriously one of a kind. I've been to several concerts here and I always have a blast. I've seen some awesome DJ's such as Bassnectar and Steve Aoki, and their light shows always make the House of Blues seriously come alive. The sound quality is great in there because it is relatively small, but the layout makes it perfect so that you're always close to the stage no matter where you stand, yet it is never uncomfortably packed. The decor is unique, and the security is good. They keep the bathrooms very clean, especially considering the amount of people that are in and out of them all night. Overall, great and reliable place that I can always count on to have a good time at.
Such a great venue for any act
Amanda M. Jan 8, 2013
I have been to numerous concerts at the House of Blues over the years and all of them have been special in their own way. From house artist Afrojack to Counting Crows the House of Blues gives an unforgettable performance. The venue and its ambiance are both super cool and create a great experience. Unlike many other venues of it's type HOB actually feels big enough that you don't feel as though the person next to you is right on top of you. One piece of advice though: HOB is super, and I mean SUPER strict about fake ids. Many of my friends have gotten theirs taken away at the front door and were subsequently turned away from the concert, so don't even try to bring one.
Beautiful venue for all events held there
Anna Y. Jan 4, 2013
I attended The Roots' music concert at The House of Blues and was astounded by the atmosphere there! The ultra-cool glowing entrance is both welcoming and interesting to visitors, and the bar spanning the outside of the area where the audience is to stand and party is typically expensive, but impossible to resist for its atmosphere and ambiance. The arena is small but definitely big enough, so that it feels both homey and gives off an intriguing vibe!
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