Blue Hills Bank Pavilion

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Blue Hills Bank Pavilion Looking for concerts at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion in Boston? Check out Party Earth for updates on the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion & experience this top concert spot for yourself! Boston United States 42.348316 -71.036224
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Blue Hills Bank Pavilion - Concert Venue in Boston.
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INFO After enduring grueling winters, Bostonians are eager to spend every minute of the summer outdoors, which is why catching an outdoor concert at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion amphitheater is such a popular choice during... ... read more

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Blue Hills Bank Pavilion Videos

Girl Talk: Live, Bank of America Pavilion, Boston MA, August 17th 2012
Girl Talk: Live, Bank of America Pavilion, Boston MA, August 17th 2012
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Stevie Nicks at Bank of America Pavilion 7/10/12
Pretty Lights|||||Bank of America Pavilion Boston 9/23/2011
ARCADE FIRE - Wake Up - Bank Of America Pavillion - Boston - 1 August 2010
Godsmack - Running Blind (acoustic) Bank of America Pavilion
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Farrenheit at The Bank of America Pavillion
State Radio "Guantanamo" @ Bank of America Pavilion
Ryan Adams at Bank of America Pavilion, Everybody Knows

Blue Hills Bank Pavilion Information

Blue Hills Bank Pavilion - Concert Venue in Boston.

After enduring grueling winters, Bostonians are eager to spend every minute of the summer outdoors, which is why catching an outdoor concert at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion amphitheater is such a popular choice during the sunny months.

The 5,000-seat open-air venue, known until January 2014 as the Bank of America Pavilion, is located on the waterfront, which allows patrons to take in the picturesque skyline while jamming out to the performance of the evening. Acts at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion are from a range of genres, but mostly focus on indie and alternative rock. Lou Reed, Ben Harper, Sigur Ros, Passion Pit, and Weezer have all performed at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion.

Food and beer are available from concessions stands, but eating before or after the show is also a viable option since the amphitheater is in the heart of the bustling waterfront district. Concertgoers traveling by T can take the Silver Line to Silver Line Way, and drivers can drop their car in a number of nearby garages.

Listening to music outdoors is not something that one can do year-round in Beantown, so it’s advisable to get in a concert at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion before the frost sets in!

Blue Hills Bank Pavilion User Reviews

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Great Outdoor Venue
Katie P. Aug 17, 2013
The Bank of America Pavillion isn't your typical New England outdoor venue which is what i love about it. Upon entering the grounds there is ample standing room harbor side and food vendors all around with many options. I am not a hug fan of the ticket assigned seating but the stage is nice and large and there is plenty of seating. The way it is arranged is nice because even from sitting all the way in the back of the amphitheater, you still have a clear view of the stage and surroundings. I have seen some of the best shows there (Girl Talk last August 2012). The Pavilion attracts a wide range of artists big and small which is what i love. Definitely worth going. Keep in mind this isn't like the comcast center where the tickets have seats and you can walk around. They are strict on sticking to your tickets.
Great Venue, Relaxed Atmosphere
Delia H. Jun 24, 2013
This venue encapsulates all the best of city living in the summer. The tickets are generally cheaper than you would find at a place like the Garden or Gillette, but the Pavilion pulls in bigger acts than other favorites like the Paradise or the Middle East Upstairs. Consider the Pavilion comparable to the House of Blues in price and popularity of artists, but you still get to enjoy the great outdoors. Certain local favorites like Guster always play this venue because of its relaxed atmosphere and financial accessibility. While it can get hot as other reviewers have mentioned, the Pavilion is down by the Waterfront, so hopefully you will get a breeze. If that's not enough, bring a reusable water bottle with you which you can fill up with filtered water for free at any of the many re-hydration stations throughout the venue. The location makes this a perfect place to start your night, with several good bars just up the street. You can also go the cheaper route by eating and drinking before hand at any of the great restaurants nearby. Just remember, after every show the 7/11 will be absolutely packed, so if you can get your snack on somewhere else, you'll save yourself a lot of time.
Outdoor Experience with the Perks of Being Indoors
Emily F. Apr 9, 2013
The Bank of American Pavilion is the perfect summer concert venue, as it offers the ability to enjoy shows in an outdoor music festival vibe, but with the acoustic quality and weather protection of an indoor location. At first glance, the venue doesn't appear to seat very many, but a peek under the white, tent-like roof reveals a Narnia-esque interior. Five thousand seats divided into six sections are spread out before the stage, and every seat offers an excellent view. Although their are large viewing screens on either side of the stage, you'll find that you won't need them, even from the last row of the venue (which I have sat in myself). In between acts, you can leave the main stage area to enjoy a view of the harbor, or grab a bite to eat at one of the many food and beverage stands. The prices are a bit extreme, just as they are at any venue, but they offer a varied selection of snacks, meals, and drinks, alcoholic or otherwise. The waterfront location of the venue also offers proximity to excellent dining alternatives, if you wanted to enjoy a meal before or after the show. Make sure you dress accordingly. Although the pavilion offers protection from the rain and sun rays, muggy summer weather and 5,000 people under one roof can make for a clammy, and borderline uncomfortable experience if you're not wearing the right outfit. The same goes for cool weather. As the night goes on and the temperatures drop, ocean breezes might have you dropping some major cash for a sweatshirt at the merchandise booth, so make sure you check the weather before you leave! Do a quick search for upcoming shows at the Bank of American Pavilion and you might be surprised to find some pretty popular artists on the list. In the past few years I myself have seen Ke$ha, LMFAO, and Demi Lovato. The opportunity to see top 40 artists in a smaller venue is a treat in itself. Combine the size of the Bank of American Pavilion with its picturesque location and you have the recipe for a perfect summer concert.
Favorite Venue in Boston
Michael C. Apr 1, 2013
My favorite venue in Boston to attend a concert is the Bank of America Pavilion. While they don’t have the most current acts performing on stage every night, the venue’s location and atmosphere more than make up for it. The Bank of America Pavilion is an outdoor amphitheatre located on Fan Pier in the heart of Boston’s Waterfront. Its acoustically designed domed roof and absence of walls enhances the audio quality for all shows. The lack of walls also lets you enjoy a cool ocean breeze on a hot summer night. It also gives you a fantastic view of Boston Harbor and the every growing Boston skyline. Another one of the Pavilion’s appealing attributes is its size. Front row seats are not needed in order to enjoy a concert as they would be in other larger venues in the city, e.g. TD Garden, Fenway Park, etc. The Pavilion seats only 5,000, so no matter where you’re seated, you’ll have a great view of the band on stage. The seating arrangement at the Pavilion comprises 6 different sections of seats and a standing concourse in the back. Each section has its own ticket price with the sections closest to the stage being the most expensive; the price decreases as the seats go back. The upside, of sections 1-6, is that you get an actual seat to sit on during the performance and you are also close to the stage. The downside is that every time you want to leave your seat to get a drink or go to the bathroom, you have to make your way through every other person in your row to get to the aisle; not an easy thing to do at the Pavilion. Also, the bar and the bathrooms are not close to the stage. Drinks are sold only in the standing concourse. The standing concourse is my favorite location to see a show. It encompasses the whole outer section of the Pavilion. I usually go to a concert with a group of friends and the concourse is perfect for that. It’s good for large groups because you can enjoy the show while still interacting with your friends, whereas, in the seats, you can only interact with the person a seat or two down from you. Additionally, you are a short walk from the bars in the back (you can even watch the show while standing at the bar). Another plus is that you can walk around the whole outer ring of the venue to find the best place to view the show and believe me, some sections of the standing concourse allow you reasonably close to the stage. You get the same (or better) view of the stage than some of the Section seats, at a much lower price. The acts range from rock, jazz, pop, folk, disco and rap. Most acts are from the 80’s and 90’s and consist of groups that have played much bigger venues in their prime. Some of the groups that I have seen at the Pavilion include Weezer, Duran Duran, Sugar Ray and Sublime. Bars, restaurants and hotels surround the Bank of America Pavilion. You don’t have to just see a show at the Pavilion and head home. You can make a whole night of it by enjoying dinner at a restaurant, attending a concert at the Pavilion, hitting a few bars after the show and ending the night in a 4 star hotel.
Great Outdoor Venue
Alex R. Mar 28, 2013
Don't let the seats dishearten you--any decent band can tear the tent-like roof down at this venue. There's not a bad view in the Pavillion, which makes shows surprisingly intimate. At the same time, it's large and open enough to give a festival-like vibe, especially when the audience starts moving to the music. Be prepared to sweat in the summer! The shade from the roof can only cool you off so much, and once the show starts and people start to crowd in, you'll probably be drenched. But it's worth it for such a fun venue.
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