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Brunch in Fenway / Kenmore Overview

The Hawthorne - Cocktail Bar | Hotel Bar | Lounge in Fenway / Kenmore, Boston

It's no secret that college students like to party, which usually implies a heavy amount of drinking. For these folks, brunch can be a godsend – a meal that goes until mid-afternoon, and includes a heaping helpful of hearty eats like omelets, smoothies, bagel sandwiches, stacks of pancakes with fruit toppings, and other scientifically proven hangover cures. Since the Fenway and Kenmore neighborhoods are so chock-full of college kids, the brunches in this area are viewed as exactly that – the cure for what ails after a night on the town.

The more inexpensive spots particularly tend to attract a mostly collegiate crowd, so pajama pants and academic institution labeled hoodies seem to be the dress code in most of these places. Still, sometimes a heaping plate of eggs, bacon, and toast at 1pm are just what the doctor ordered – at any age. Parents and family in town for visits to said college kids, or even suburban families coming in for the weekend to enjoy a Sox game are also not unusual in this neighborhood.

Kenmore Square does have a few hotels in the area, and as a result, this neighborhood might have occasion to see a slightly more sophisticated clientele. Typically, however, the neighborhoods of Fenway and Kenmore skew extremely young, and so does the brunch crowd.

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