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Landmarks in Downtown Boston / Financial District Overview

The Black Rose - Irish Pub | Irish Restaurant in Downtown / Financial District, Boston

In a city like Boston, where much of the personality of the Hub is based off of its sense of tradition and history, much of the area is littered with dozens upon dozens of landmarks, monuments, plaques, and other historical markers. So many, in fact, that even folks who have lived in the city for many years  can still stumble upon a plaque or statue that they have walked past before, but had never before stopped to read or learn about.

Downtown, the Faneuil Hall area has landmarks and monuments to Samuel Adams, James Michael Curley, and Red Auerbach, amongst others. The building itself has its own place in history as a Boston National Historical Park, a highlight of the Freedom Trail as a meeting hall that dates back to 1742, and is nicknamed “the Cradle of Liberty.”

Boston Common is filled with famous war memorials, as part of the Freedom Trail runs through the park on its way to the Old Granary Burial Ground, which is just across the street.

Liberty Square and Winthrop Square in the Financial District commemorate other historical occasions and figures as part of the city atmosphere.

Even the buildings in the Financial District are like landmarks themselves. The Vault, a bar and restaurant, used to be a bank and even still uses its vault to hold wine. Bar and lounge Bond used to be the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, and still has the official seal on the floor of its main room. 

Popular Downtown / Financial District Landmarks

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