Dorchester / Jamaica Plain, Boston.
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A vast multicultural area that has experienced some gentrification in recent years, Jamaica Plain, and to a lesser extent Dorchester, has become a desirable location for a young and hip population.

Relatively inexpensive housing and easy subway access to Downtown have attracted numerous artists, students, musicians, and activists to the neighborhood, with many opting for commune-style living arrangements in the large and colorful buildings located throughout the area.

While the claim by some locals that Jamaica Plain is “Boston’s Brooklyn” might be an overstatement, there is no doubt that over the last decade a growing number of funky bars, organic markets, and unique cafés have sprung up all over, bringing more attention and money to the area and creating a place where Dominican restaurants rub shoulders with hipster bars.

Although some parts of Jamaica Plain and Dorchester are sketchy, sticking to the venues on the more populated streets can make for a unique night out.


Where to Go in Dorchester / Jamaica Plain

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