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Wilbur Theatre - Comedy Club | Concert Venue | Music Venue | Theater in Chinatown / Leather District, Boston

The clubs in Chinatown are not in the most ritzy of Boston neighborhoods. However, they never fail to attract some of the hottest crowds in the area, all dressed to the nines, and in search of a fun evening out.

Chinatown has multi-level club Splash Ultra Lounge, which features multiple bars, private party rooms, a lounge area, billiards, a dance floor, and even a rooftop pool. With digs as flashy as any Las Vegas club, from inside the venue, one would never think the spot is across the street from a Massachusetts Turnpike exit ramp, and around the street from one of Boston's few late-hours diners – which comes in handy for those club-goers who are feeling peckish as the last-call bell tolls.

As a more up-and-coming neighborhood, the clubs in the Leather District are more modern and innovative than other nearby areas. College kids and newbies to the area don't really find their way here (probably because few of them are even aware of this neighborhood) which works in the favor of folks who come to this spot to party, but don't want to worry about someone carelessly spilling a beer on them.

Parking is possible in both of these neighborhoods, as the T access is limited, but be prepared to walk a few blocks either way.

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