Cambridge / Somerville, Boston.
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Separated from the rest of Boston by the Charles River, Cambridge and Somerville have a reputation for aloofness or even snobbery compared with the rest of the city’s blue-collar ethic, due in no small part to the presence of two elite universities, Harvard and MIT.

While not as edgy as Jamaica Plain or as upscale as Back Bay, both Cambridge and Somerville boast a flourishing art scene as well as a deep connection to Boston’s colonial history; after all, Cambridge, which was founded in 1630, was the spot where George Washington took command of the revolutionary army.

Today, both areas are built around a series of squares running from Kendall Square in the south to Davis Square in the north, all easily linked by the T’s Red Line. A yearly influx of students helps the area maintain a fresh and youthful attitude, an energy that is apparent especially around busy Harvard Square, where students and professors alike subscribe to a work-hard-play-hard philosophy in which days spent studying in cafés and libraries are rewarded by boozy nights at the area’s pubs, beer gardens, and restaurants.

And to keep its academic population happy, both Cambridge and Somerville are awash in cheap drinking dens that keep the hordes of bleary-eyed students coming back for more.


Where to Go in Cambridge / Somerville

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