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Party Earth Review Boston is far from an island paradise, but unpretentious seafood joint Summer Shack brings a bit of the tropics – and a whole lot of shellfish – to Beantown. Located near Fenway, Symphony Hall, and the Hynes Convention Center, the venue caters to a wide array of patrons, from diehard Sox fans to busy conventioneers to lots of tourists in need of oyster tacos. A tiki-inspired bar surrounded by flat-screens lets folks check the game within arm’s reach of the decent tap list, while a red neon sign reminiscent of a carnival boardwalk makes it hard to miss the popular oyster station. Though normally mellow for midweek ... more


50 Dalton Street
Boston, MA 02115

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Boston Tiki Bars Overview

Summer Shack - Seafood Restaurant | Tiki Bar in Boston

Of all the different types of watering holes in Beantown, Boston is not exactly known for its tiki bars. This particular type of bar, which has a Polynesian theme to it, serves up a lot of rum-based punches and cocktails. Admittedly, the tropical ambiance does seem a little out-of-place for a city that can get up to three feet of snow in a single snowstorm. However, just like so many things in Boston, if there is alcohol involved, Bostonians tend to have a general enthusiasm for it.

Though the city lacks any dedicated tiki bars, plenty of places do serve up tiki-oriented drinks like Mai Tais, and the decadent but deadly Scorpion Bowls, best attacked from every angle by an eager group of friends.

If little paper umbrellas, pineapple slices, and wild orchids are the desired accompaniment, plenty of Boston bars and restaurants are willing to serve up some fruit juice and alcohol concoctions in a ceramic bowl decorated with hula-dancing women on it... and will even light it on fire before handing out the required extra-long straws that are a distinct part of the Scorpion Bowl experience. They might even hand out a few plastic leis just to round out the event.

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