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Party Earth Review Cocktails in buckets, bachelorettes, and the Backstreet Boys probably don’t spring to mind when thinking about a piano bar, but they all apply to the eternally busy Howl at the Moon. A favorite for groups celebrating special events in the booziest way possible, the expansive venue – one of more than a dozen nationally – is routinely packed with an avid party crowd, from newly twenty-one-year-old undergrads to feisty old ladies drinking those kids under the table. Downtown professionals sneak in after work, relaxing at the two-tops facing the floor-to-ceiling windows and snacking on a few greasy appetizers before the line forms outside. A cover ... more


184 High Street
Boston, MA 02110

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Boston Piano Bars Overview

Howl at the Moon - Bar | Piano Bar | Restaurant in Boston

Few things in life are more fun than drunkenly belting out Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” at the top of your lungs with arms slung around your buddies’ shoulders. If you agree, you’re in luck – this scenario happens regularly at the piano bars in Boston. Just be forewarned: they tend to fill up quickly, and long lines are standard.

Howl at the Moon is a raucous dueling piano bar in the Financial District that is constantly packed with off-the-clock professionals and rowdy bachelorettes that have checked their inhibitions at the door and are on a mission to get tanked in a hurry. “Buckets” are the bar’s signature drink – boozy concoctions of various alcohols and juices served up in neon containers sized for sharing. A cover charge kicks in when the two pianists of the evening take the stage, playing all audience requests, from Top 40 hits to old school favorites.

Jacob Wirth’s, also in the Financial District, offers a more refined (but no less boozy) piano scene on Sing-Along Fridays. A single pianist plays rock classics from 8pm to midnight in the rustic wood-paneled restaurant, encouraging the crowd of locals and carefree college students swilling pints of craft beer to belt out the lyrics as loud as they care to. Each patron receives a songbook upon entrance, so no one can use the excuse that they don’t know the words.

Boston piano bars are great spots to let your hair down and your inner prima donna out for a night. Just make sure you get there in time to join the fun, so you’re not stuck looking in from the line.

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