Boston Historic Bars Overview

Doyle’s Café - Historic Bar | Irish Pub | Restaurant in Boston

As home base to some of America’s most important historical moments, it should come as no surprise that there are a bunch of great historic bars in Boston, with roots that date back to the late 1700s.

Claiming to be the country’s oldest tavern, Bell in Hand Tavern is a Boston landmark that opened its doors in 1795. The tavern’s founder, Jimmy Wilson, was also Boston’s last town crier who gave up his bell in favor of the bar. Today, the joint is equal parts pub and club, with DJs spinning late-night jams to drunken twenty-somethings. Jimmy might be rolling over in his grave.

Another classic Boston historic bar is Union Oyster House, which has been serving up seafood since 1826. Now a tourist hotspot, the Oyster House was also home to the Massachusetts Spy newspaper that was printed in the 1770s.

Doyle’s Café is yet another historic bar that was established in 1882. This old-school haunt is considered to be one of the original Irish pubs in the city and is home to blue-collar sports fans and college students just looking for a good beer.

Boston is a city deeply rooted in history, and the historic bars and pubs are timeless watering holes that celebrate that history in the best way they know how – with beer…lots and lots of beer.

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