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There are few better cities in the US than Boston when it comes to stellar dive bars. Everywhere you turn there’s a rundown watering hole that’s been loved by loyal regulars and bargain-hunters for countless years. So if you’re looking for great Boston dive bars, you’ve come to the right place!

Starting off, there are some timeless classics strewn throughout the city. First there’s Charlie’s Kitchen in Cambridge. This hole-in-the-wall dive has been a neighborhood institution for over 40 years and continues to serve up empty-pocketed students cheap beer and live music. Another Cambridge favorite is Cantab Lounge, which features more live music and a mix of blue-collar Joes and students from MIT and Harvard.

Across the river in Back Bay is Bukowski Tavern, which was named after the great writer and drinker Charles himself. This cash only hovel is within walking distance of Fenway Park and features a “beer wheel” where drinkers can leave their poison of choice entirely up to fate.

Downtown only has one great classic dive bar and that’s T.C.’s Lounge. This kitsch-filled dive heaven pours endless amounts of PBR and also has arcade games, a punching bag, and a sex toy crane machine.

There are tons of other dive bars in Boston so picking and choosing is never a problem. Just remember that your feet might stick to the floor and the paint may be peeling off the walls, but the drinks will be dirt cheap and the clientele will be one of a kind.

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