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Bleacher Bar Although there are plenty of bars around Fenway Park, none of them offer a view quite like Bleacher Bar. Boston United States 42.347156 -71.096819
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Bleacher Bar - Sports Bar in Boston.
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Party Earth Review Although there are plenty of bars around Fenway Park, none of them offer a view quite like Bleacher Bar. Tucked under the Green Monster’s bleachers, the one-time batting practice room is now a classy Sox bar with a wall... ... read full review

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    M–W, Su 11am–1am, Th–Sa 11am–2am

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Party Earth Bleacher Bar Review

The Scene

Although there are plenty of bars around Fenway Park, none of them offer a view quite like Bleacher Bar.

Although there are plenty of bars around Fenway Park, none of them offer a view quite like Bleacher Bar.

Tucked under the Green Monster’s bleachers, the one-time batting practice room is now a classy Sox bar with a wall-spanning window that looks directly out onto center field.

Tourists and crowds of Boston University students pile into the open space, vying for spots at one of the three high-top tables by the window, while the rest of the high-spirited fans and season ticket holders crowd into booths or huddle around the bar to enjoy cheap drinks and quick snacks.

A relaxed hangout during the off-season, the bar really comes alive on game days, when a forty-five minute time limit on the window tables gives fans without a ticket a chance to enjoy a drink and witness the action.

The rest of the enthusiastic crowd keeps its eyes glued to one of the eight flat-screen TVs, high-fiving each other over home-runs, or checks out the Sox’s storied past that covers the green walls in the form of old news articles, framed jerseys, and photo collages.

Red Sox fans looking for a unique baseball viewing experience and a friendly neighborhood vibe will find it at Bleacher Bar, an upbeat venue that deserves its place beneath the hallowed bleachers of Fenway Park.

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Tip from Lucas:

You’ll never miss a moment of the game here – there’s even a window over the urinal in the men’s bathroom that looks out onto the field!

  • Crowd

    Red Sox fans and baseball enthusiasts of all ages.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Viewing the Red Sox from center field. Flat-screen TVs tuned to Boston sports.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Menu of snacks and deli food including salads, sliders, and sandwiches.

  • Prices

    Snacks $3–$9, salads $6+, sandwiches and sliders $7–$12. Beer $3.50–$8, wine $6+, cocktails $5.50+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual, though Red Sox attire is recommended.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Great during any home game, though the bar is also good on non-game days for relaxing drinks, and – when the weather is nice and the garage door is lifted – an excellent view of the field.

  • Close By

    Right across the street is Lansdowne Pub (9 Lansdowne Street), another haunt of Red Sox fans featuring live music and a hefty beer selection.

Bleacher Bar User Reviews

Average rating:
A must 'Go-To' before any Sox Game
Colleen H. Aug 9, 2013
Bleacher Bar is easily the coolest place to hang before or after a Sox game. It is definitely known to be popular and doesn't have a ton of room so I'd definitely try to get there early in order to get in but it is a MUST see! The bar is located in center field....literally on the field. There's a fenced wall separating the bar from the field of course but it is definitely the closest most people will ever get to the field. The fenced wall closes during games so you can't technically watch the game 'live' from the bar but there are plenty of TV's to watch and it's pretty cool knowing you're pretty much on the field. There's tons of other bars in the area but this one is definitely worth checking out. Beer is normally priced and the company is always a fresh crowd that is pumped about the upcoming game.
A Gimmick Worth Seeing
Alex S. Jul 1, 2013
If you grew up around Boston, at some point you probably dreamt of setting foot on the dirt at Fenway Park. Well, now you can. Or at least scoop a bit with your fingers. Bleacher Bar is an admirable concept that offers something none of the other formidable bars in the Landsdowne Area can - the ability to watch a Red Sox game from mere feet away rather than on a TV. The bar is built into the base of the Green Monster and has a garage door sized view of center field. It's conceivable that Jacoby Ellsbury could make a game saving catch as he crashes into the plexiglass next to your table. The experience of seeing the game from this vantage point, combined with reasonable beer prices makes Bleacher Bar a smart place to bring a friend from out of town to help them experience what Boston is about. Even if a game isn't happening, they raise the inner door so there is only a gate between you and the field, and there is a small hole in the bottom corner that you can stick your fingers through to touch the warning track dirt. During my first visit, I captured a handful of dirt and placed it in a cup on my kitchen counter until the novelty wore off and I realized I had a cup of dirt on my windowsill. That's the problem, though. The novelty wears off. And when it does, you realize the bar has some significant limitations. First of all, it has very small floor space, especially when compared to nearby bars such as Cask n Flagon, Game On, and the Lansdowne. The space is also triangular in shape, which creates awkward bottlenecks for people to pass through on either side of the bar, or forces people to congregate in the middle. The other major issue is that because the gimmick focuses strictly on baseball, when the Red Sox aren't playing, the bar tends to be completely dead, even on weekend nights. This alone makes it a place that attracts tourists, but won't keep locals coming back for more. Last summer, I attended a baseball themed pub crawl thrown by two local girls that made a 9 bar lap around Fenway. That they decided to not include Bleacher Bar among the nine speaks volumes about its quality as just "a bar." The staff is friendly enough and the food is okay, but nothing else stands out enough to trump the size of the floor. Bleacher Bar provides a unique view of a game at Fenway, and isn't a bad little place independent of that, but it will always struggle to compete with its larger bar brethren on either end of the street. One last quirky, positive note: I got strange enjoyment out of the window above the urinals in the men's room that looks out onto the bar and field. It allows you to continue watching the game and wave to your friends while taking a piss. Not enough to trump the other issues, but a memorable quirk.
Bleacher Bar
Amanda D. Jun 10, 2013
This is a fun little (emphasis on the little) spot tucked under Fenway park with reasonably priced beer and a monstah view. You're literally on the field and can watch the players warming up before the game, and if you don't have tickets it's a wonderful place to watch the game. I would recommend that patrons get there early on game days because it fills up quickly and if you're looking to grab a bite to eat before the game the wait can get up to over an hour and a half. All in all it's a great spot for a drink and the view really can't be beat. It's a must see.
Unprecedented Fenway Experience at Bleacher Bar
Serghino R. Apr 2, 2013
If you're a history buff, this is your place! The fact that you’re literally under the bleachers of Fenway Park, one of the nation’s oldest and most historical ball parks, is awesome all by itself. If it's for one reason, and one reason only, the priceless and unprecedented view into the park should be on top. Tucked away in the center of Landsdowne St., it’s sure to draw Red Sox Nation on game day. The space can get tight, so on game days, plan ahead. Non-game days, it's comfortable and fitting for casual or intimate occasions. It's a great after work hangout or for an informal gathering with friends. For the beer connoisseurs out there, or not, show your Beantown spirit and try the locally brewed (Westminster, MA) Monsta Ale. The food is cheap and the portions are huge, so come with an appetite. The grilled cheese with Irish bacon and cheddar is said to be a house hit.
Take me out to the bar game.
Ben J. Feb 20, 2013
Here's the obvious thing to say about Bleacher bar: its view is outrageous. You're practically in the Green Monster, level with Fenway's playing field. The view is probably worth the trip alone. But don't go to Bleacher Bar on game day expecting this'll be an easy way to catch a live game - there are big blinds that come down to block the view when the Sox are playing. Not to mention the bar will be packed, meaning even if the blinds weren't down, you'd probably see nothing. So again, if you're going only for the view, don't go when the Sox are playing. And here's the not so obvious thing about Bleacher Bar: it's actually a pretty low key, elegant bar. Wooden bar. Not too many TVs. Nice crowds. On most weeknights it's quiet, so if you want to get some real conversation in with your buddies or your special guy or gal whilst looking over the hallowed grounds of Fenway Park, this is the place. In all likelihood, Bleacher Bar is the most peaceful sports bar in the Fenway/Kenmore area. Which is weird because it has such a unique selling proposition (i.e. the view). If you're visiting Boston, or have simply never been to Bleacher Bar, this should be on your list of quintessential bars to visit.
So Close To The Game... You're in It!
Billy K. Dec 18, 2012
Not many bars across the nation allow you to stand at a urinal, take care of your business, and look out onto one of the oldest and most cherished sporting venues in the world. Bleacher Bar is unique because it is literally built into Fenway, but feels perfectly removed. When you enter the narrow and cramped bar, you feel like you have traveled back in time to a literal hole in the wall bar outside of Fenway. The crowd is a healthy mix of Boston University students, tourists, and die-hard Red Sox fans. I suggest getting there extremely early if you want a good spot and especially if you want a seat. You feel like you're in Fenway as you look around and see pennants, retired jerseys, and beautiful murals... but you also feel like you're in Fenway because of how small and crowded the bar is. Beer isn't exactly cheap, but it's cheaper than a cold one at the game. If you're not wearing some type of sports paraphernalia, you most likely won't fit in. Boston fans are tough, so get ready to be playfully chastised if you're wearing anything besides a Red Sox shirt. Overall, the food is pretty good, especially anything on the appetizer menu. If you have time, you should try to get a burger at UBurger on the BU campus so all you have to worry about are drinks at Bleacher Bar. If you've always wanted to play center field with a beer in your hand, this is your place!
Unbeatable view of Fenway Park
Claire M. Dec 12, 2012
The Bleacher bar offers a really unique and unbeatable view of Fenway Park. The bar sits in center field so you can check out the game without having to stay in your seat but rather have a fun bar atmosphere. It is also a great place to go, and take friends, when you aren't going to a game or event in the park so you can still see the park! Fenway is such a neat park and the Bleacher bar gives you such a sweet view of the field.
The Bleacher Bar
Kevin S. Dec 10, 2012
The bar is literally under the bleachers of fenway park. The back wall of the bar has a window that looks onto center field of fenway which makes for a cool atmosphere if you are there during a red sox game. During football season the place turns into a Buffalo bar filled with buffalo bills fans (on sunday). They serve local buffalo brews and wings, and the bills game will be on every TV without fail.
A view money can't buy...
Alicia F. Nov 21, 2012
If your a Red Sox fan without a ticket to the big game, head to Bleacher Bar. But make sure you get there fairly early. There are only a few tables that look directly onto the field. Unfortunately you won't be able to sit there the entire game, as there are others waiting for their turn. Don't worry, there are plenty of televisions lining the space for continued viewing....and you'll be in spirited company! The room is an old batting practice space of the Red Sox and its chock-full of Sox memorabilia, so any novice can brush up on their history during the visit.
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