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Max Brenner - Café | American Restaurant in Back Bay, Boston

Back Bay restaurants cater to two distinct groups – sleek business professionals who work in the neighborhood during the week, and tourists who flock to the area on weekends and throughout the summer. The result is a fine selection of innovative eateries that cost a little more to dine at than places in other parts of Boston.

Located on the fifty-second floor of the Prudential Center, Top of the Hub offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Boston skyline to its clientele of upscale young professionals, chic couples, and jet-setting tourists. From pan-seared foie gras to braised lamb shank, the food at this high-up haunt is heavenly.

Over on the opposite end of the neighborhood is Sonsie, which serves up a menu of first-class fare and seasonal cocktails in a chic and airy environment. During the warmer seasons, the French doors in front are thrown open, sending stylish guests to the wicker tables outside.

If all else fails, a stroll down Newbury and Boylston streets will give hungry folks a chance to check out other restaurants in Back Bay.

Popular Back Bay Restaurants

  • * Forum Affluent / After Work / Ambient
  • * Kings 20s / 30s / 90s Music / Bar
  • * Sonsie Affluent / Ambient / Bar / Brunch

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