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Lounges in the Back Bay Overview

Max Brenner - Café | American Restaurant in Back Bay, Boston

Back Bay lounges have a laid-back ambiance that attracts business-savvy Bostonians craving crafty concoctions after a long day at the office.

Like many places in Beantown, some Back Bay haunts offer a little history with their hootch. Beneath the Copley Square Hotel is Storyville, which pays homage to the jazz club of the same name that inhabited the space in the 1950s. Gussied-up gals and gents entering the venue file past a print of Billie Holiday – a nod to the album she recorded at the joint – before descending into a lounge area with speakeasy vibes.

Not far from there is minibar (with an intentional lower-case “m”). In the post-work hours, local professionals take a seat on dark leather couches in the stark-white main room, rehashing the workday over lychee martinis.

Most lounges in Back Bay call for nicer-than-casual attire, so leave the tanks and T-shirts at home. Keeping up with the lawyers, doctors, and investment capitalists who lounge in this neighborhood requires a bit more effort.

Popular Back Bay Lounges

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