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Good for Groups in the Back Bay Overview

McGreevy's - Sports Bar | Pub | Irish Pub | Irish Restaurant | Historic Bar in Back Bay, Boston

When the gang gets together, it’s not always easy to find venues that have enough space to get the entire crew through the door. But Boston’s Back Bay is good for groups who want to have fun without a lot of hassle.

An easy Back Bay group destination is Newbury Street, an eight-block stretch containing some of the city’s best boutiques, restaurants, and cafés. Sometimes referred to as the “Rodeo Drive of the East,” Newbury Street has enough space for everyone to stroll down the sidewalk while taking in the sights with a coffee in hand.

Another destination that’s good for groups in Back Bay is Kings, a bowling alley and pool hall. It’s one of the biggest draws in the area when planning an evening out with friends, and attracts folks in their 20s and 30s sipping beers between rolls.

But when the pals really want to party, everyone should head to The Estate, which brings in a trendy clientele of young professionals, college students, and fashionistas looking to let loose on the dance floor.

Best of all, Back Bay is very easily accessible by multiple T lines. So when heading to this part of town with all the peeps in tow, it won’t be too difficult to travel in a pack.

Popular Back Bay Good for Groups

  • * Kings 20s / 30s / 90s Music / Bar
  • * Venu Blazers / Bottle Service

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