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Clubs in the Back Bay Overview

Max Brenner - Café | American Restaurant in Back Bay, Boston

Back Bay clubs follow strict dress-code rules. Folks who don't put enough thought and effort in their appearance have a slim chance of making it through the front door.

Clubs in Back Bay are carefully designed to give off a perfect mix of sexiness and sophistication. Subsequently, the specialty cocktails are typically quite impressive, both in design and price.

Places like Storyville, The Estate, Rumor, and Gypsy Bar aim to please high-paying patrons who are looking to order as many drinks as their credit limit will allow. The DJs play the latest in club/dance music, as massive bouncers dressed in black (who do wear their sunglasses at night) carefully examine the IDs of the fashionable crowds that line the block leading up to each establishment.

Some spots in particular, like The Estate and Gypsy Bar, draw in enough of the right kind of crowd to be able to afford paid appearances by infamous reality stars like Kim Kardashian or the cast of The Jersey Shore.

Popular Back Bay Clubs

  • * RumoR 20s / Bottle Service / Bouncer
  • * Venu Blazers / Bottle Service

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