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In a city that eats, sleeps, and breathes entertainment, there are so many event venues in Berlin that it would take years to hit them all.

For starters, the music scene in Berlin is beyond compare. There is such an abundance of stages, arenas, stadiums, concert halls, and live music venues that any night of the week you can see big name artists or your buddy’s newly formed band playing all over the city. The biggest Berlin venues are Columbia Halle, Arena Berlin, Max-Schmeling-Halle, and O2 World which cater to international musicians and DJs who can attract tens of thousands of fans for a performance.

Of course the city isn’t all about music as Berliners are equally sports crazed, devotedly following Hertha Berlin – especially when they play at Olympiastadio where seventy-thousand screaming fans come to watch and cheer.

For the more cultured entertainment buffs, there are a multitude of theaters in the city as well as higher end concert halls featuring opera, jazz, classical, and more.

But when the symphony just won’t cut it, there’s always KulturBrauerei, Berlin’s biggest entertainment complex that hosts bars, clubs, live music venues, theaters, galleries, and restaurants. More than 20,000 Berliners pack into the complex on any given weekend and is a sure bet to sate anyone’s party appetite, regardless of what they may be looking for.

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