Mauerpark Flea Market

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Mauerpark Flea Market Every Sunday afternoon, the Mauerpark Flea Market transforms the area that was once the site of the infamous Dead Zone surrounding the Berlin Wall into a freewheeling bazaar. Berlin Germany 52.540436 13.403412
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Mauerpark Flea Market - Beach Bar | Flea Market | Outdoor Activity | Shopping Area in Berlin.
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Party Earth Review Every Sunday afternoon, the Mauerpark Flea Market transforms the area that was once the site of the infamous Dead Zone surrounding the Berlin Wall into a freewheeling bazaar. Anything and everything is on sale here, from... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Su 8am–6pm

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    • Day Spot

Party Earth Mauerpark Flea Market Review

The Scene

Every Sunday afternoon, the Mauerpark Flea Market transforms the area that was once the site of the infamous Dead Zone surrounding the Berlin Wall into a freewheeling bazaar.

Every Sunday afternoon, the Mauerpark Flea Market transforms the area that was once the site of the infamous Dead Zone surrounding the Berlin Wall into a freewheeling bazaar.

Anything and everything is on sale here, from designer clothes and jewelry to furniture to vintage vinyl albums.

Snippets of conversation in German, English, Turkish, Spanish, and French fill the air in this multicultural environment, where visitors and locals mingle in their shared attempt to find the best deals.

Numerous outdoor bars and food stands also dot the area and offer well-priced beverages and a wide variety of ethnic fare. Browsers can also stop in for a drink at the Mauersegler cantina (Bernauer Strasse 63) near the market’s front entrance, or at the adjoining Koof im Kiez for an item off the grill.

Toward the back of the market is the unnamed beach bar, complete with sand, surfboards (but no water), and live music.

Bargain hunters probably won’t find a hidden treasure at the Mauerpark Flea Market, but the market’s atmosphere is as much carnival as it is garage sale, and who doesn’t want to dig through a box of old bike parts next to a collection of half-missing puzzle sets on top of a stack of bibles leaning against a trunk of records at least once?

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Tip from Emma:

As the flea market starts winding down, head over to the park’s outdoor amphitheater. There are usually free events going on, from live bands to karaoke to DJs. Grab a seat with a good vantage point, because watching the characters gathered here is half the fun!

  • Crowd

    Bargain hunters of all ages and nationalities.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Live music most Sundays at Mauersegler and the beach bar. People-watching, street performers, and wandering musicians.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Many food stands and bars offer ethnic specialties and beverages.

  • Prices

    Market prices vary by vendor. Mauersegler: Beer €2–€3, cocktails €4.90, non-alcoholic drinks €1.40. Koof im Kiez: Menu €2–€3.50. Various other food stands and bars: prices under €3.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code


  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any warm Sunday afternoon.

Mauerpark Flea Market User Reviews

Average rating:
The sunday flea market, full of music and mainly of hipsters!
Domenico C. Nov 14, 2013
Everyone in Berlin knows what Mauer Park means. It is the meeting place of young people from all over Europe! I usually go there on Sunday, at the market where you can find every usefull and useless object! It's a maket made in a typical "Berliner Hipster" style, with a lot of used clothes and items. Natürlich there's also space for food, usually you can find Turkey-style rolled potatoes (made with a new craft-machine invented by them, and overflowing oil), and some german fast-food shops. Here you can find every kind of things, from no-sense objects to beautiful hand clothes in military style! Usually if it's not too cold, you'll find people organizing free music concerts, sometimes karaoke..(i hate it), sometimes Elektro music, and other times African music with live bongos! If you will be in Berlin on Sunday and you are looking for something to do, remember that Mauer Park is waiting for your visit!
You'll Never Be in a Cooler Park
Blake F. Aug 9, 2013
When I lived in Berlin, this was right around the corner from my flat. I ended up here almost every weekend! The park is the old DMZ of the Berlin Wall, so its a large strip of flat land at the foot of a large, gradual hill. The Flea Market itself is always buzzing. Tents filled with old kitchen-ware, seemingly endless amounts of sunglasses and shoes (all used), and piles of old sweaters vinyl records makes this place the best environment for someone who likes second hand shopping. Across the park, a graffiti coated amphitheater is built into the hill. It is just as packed and often had an acoustic guitarist playing for the crowd. It's legal to drink beer in the park too, so young people of the city are out in force, lounging on the grass, doing a little shopping and drinking in the sun! If you make it to Berlin, try your best to get to Mauerpark! It's as Berlin as it gets.
Mauerpark Madness.
Paige E. Jul 28, 2013
Mauerpark on a Sunday seems to be a ritual for the Berlin party goers. Instead of going home after the club, they go to Mauerpark to chill with friends and listen to music or do karaoke. I braved the blistering heat after a night at Katerholzig to experience Mauerpark first hand. While the novelty of it and feeling like you're experiencing a true slice of Berlin culture is there, I couldn't help but notice that the park itself is extremely dirty and overcrowded. Berlin is largely populated city with everyone looking for a little slice of greenery to chill out on and it just wasn't my cup of tea as a park. The flee market itself is cool and there are lots of traditional german food stalls to sample if you get hungry during your bargain hunting. I would go again for the flee market and people watching.
Awesome Sunday
Tuuli K. Jun 20, 2013
Best way for flea-market lovers to spend their Sunday in colorful Berlin! When I first went there, my local friend sat down near the stage to listen a guitar-player and let me go shopping around market. After a while I received an sms from him asking how am I doing and saying he has found the best place to relax and enjoy the music. I answered with an sms: "It's 100% hipsterwalk! This market is endless and I want to buy everything! Coor!" (the very last word is an inside joke) I enjoyed my every step and sight around the market area; prices are generally okay, variety is huge: from new rings to used sofas - just go and get mad ;) (I, personally, got also a lot inspiration to copy some of the stuff I liked on sale) After shopping insanely you can lay yourself on the grass and have some snack and drinks. There's always something entertaining going on on the stage - watch, listen, enjoy..or don't let yourself upset! Sunbathe if you wish or chat with your friends in the shadow of the trees. However it's also possible to play street basketball there. Mauerpark and flea market - these are the places where time just flies!
Soft sunny Sundays.
Justin S. May 19, 2013
Best place to go to enjoy a bbq with your friends, while you listen to live music, with the option to go to the Karaoke, get lost and find small treasures on different stands. If you're new in the city Mauerpark is a good place to buy your (super necessary) Bike. When you got tired just lay on the grass and enjoy a beer, take things easy, is Sunday, is Mauerpark, is Berlin.
Worth it, if even just for the pizza.
Taryn H. Apr 16, 2013
As much as I love flea markets, even when we got there it was 3pm and Mauer Park was packed and it was pretty hard to move. I could see the place was full of interesting stuff, but I couldn't get to any of it. I think the key would be to get there early, get in on all the goods before everyone else does and soon your flat will be full of quirky pieces you've haggled down to half the price. An old flatmate told me that you only ever pay half of what the initial offer was, so brush off those bargaining skills and you can get some very good deals. Nursing a hangover, my friend and I made it to one of the food areas as quickly as we could. As we lined up at a pizza stall, behind many, many others, I was sceptical (and also hungry and tired and hungover). But it was definitely worth the wait. Wood fired pizza made in an awesome oven right before your eyes, and for only €2-something. I would have been satisfied leaving then and there, the pizza was that good, but as the park emptied out a bit we could finally get lost in piles of costume jewellery, fur coats, postcards, and records.
Flea markets were never so cool
Lily P. Apr 3, 2013
You haven’t experience a flea market until you’ve been to Mauerpark. It’s more like festival of shopping, food and great music every Sunday in Prenzlauerberg. Stretching out across a large field, vendors sell everything you can possibly imagine: beautiful antique furniture, designer brands, used clothes, toys, books, wares, homemade jewelry, food, the list goes on and on as you meander up and down the dirt paths in between the stalls. You probably won’t leave this place without buying all or most of your souvenirs. Around midday, grab some food from one of the many delicious options, the Mauerpark cantina or a food stall, and head over to the “Bearpit.” A small outdoor amphitheater, visitors can sign up to sing karaoke to a hundreds of enthusiastic onlookers and feel like a rockstar. No matter the song of type of singer you are, the crowd is ever supportive and often sing along encouragingly. There are even regulars who attend every week to sing. Going to Mauerpark is fantastic way to have fun and an experience you have to try at least once before leaving Berlin.
What an exciting place!
LEE R. Mar 19, 2013
A plethora of vintage gear, great food stands, hot wine and lots of people to mingle with... This market is pretty special, I enjoyed walking around and checking out all the different things available, from a huge range of cool vintage sunglasses to old photographs, Polaroid cameras, door knobs, hats, fabrics and numerous amounts of sweatshirts and jackets. From what I've seen and been told it is best to arrive as early as possible to this flea market (which can be hard on a Sunday morning especially after a Friday and Saturday night out in Berlin!) so as to get the best products before they are swept up, as well as dodging the mayhem amount of people cramming into the narrow walkways. There is a huge amount of stalls and stands all offering something different. As well as the market itself, you can also pick up some beers (or spiced hot wine) and food, and head up to the grassy hill just a little way off to the side of the market and sit there with some friends of loved ones as the sun dies down on another day in the city. There is a nice looking amphitheater here on the hills too which I'm told has some live music and shows on some weekends which is completely free. The main thing for me is that I found it hard to make and purchase decisions at this market because as soon as you think you've found something worth buying, the next stand seems to have something even better! Will be returning to this market most Sundays, when possible!
Allways full of life
Ana RocÍo d. Nov 28, 2012
I t was my first weekend living here in Berlin. I was walking throw random places, just for know what the streets of Berlin can give to me. And then, suddenly I was in Mauer Park, I really loved it because it was the end of September and the sun still brightening. The park was covered of musicians, artist, and summer people. Then I went to the market, there people can find almost all. this market was dressed with different stands (clothes, accessories, food...) and people buying or just walking by. It is a great place for going on Sundays summer
You haven't lived like a local until you come here
Amster M. Nov 18, 2012
Hand down my favorite daytime activity in Berlin! At least in the summer. The guys in the front with the self-made robots are pretty badass, and the market has a lot on its plate, but the Bearpit Karaoke is really what makes it happen. Not to mention the place is surrounded by greenery. Vendors are selling cheap beer, there's a lot of people watching to do, but we spent most of our time at the outdoor karaoke session. The guy who runs it is an Irish expat, and it's nonstop entertainment for hours.
A little bit of treasure on a Sunday afternoon.
Chloe T. Nov 5, 2012
We were told by friends living in Berlin that we must visit the flea market and even though we were feeling a little worse for wear, we made sure we didn't miss out on trying to find a vintage gem. We trundled through the many stalls and came away with souvenirs we would never find in a tourist shop. It is worth the hustle and bustle of bargain hunters to find something truly authentic to take home with you. A taste of culture that doesn't cost you an arm and leg.
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