Berlin Outdoors Overview

Strandbar Mitte - Beach | Beach Bar | Outdoor Activity in Berlin

Berlin may be landlocked, but that’s never stopped Berliners from going to the beach or from partaking in any number of outdoor activities throughout the city.

Being outdoors in Berlin (especially when it’s sunny) means going to the beach. Yes, the city is countless miles from the ocean, but that may be precisely why Berliners are so obsessed with the sea. Spread out along the Spree River, miles of sand, countless beach bars, and swimsuit clad Germans soak up whatever sun they can get and pretend to be on the Mediterranean (where most of the sand came from).

Other outdoor activities in Berlin revolve around the great parks like Tiergarten as well as the beer gardens that are spread throughout the city. Locals and tourists alike spend days picnicking and drinking great German brews in both types of locations on any warm day.

For outdoor events in Berlin, there’s the annual Christopher Street Day Parade and the Berlin Marathon, which is actually one of the biggest marathon events in the world.

No matter what you’re looking for, there are enough Berlin outdoor activities and events all year long so whether it’s hot or cold, rainy or sunny; you’ll always find something great to do outdoors.

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