Berlin Date Ideas Overview

Wein-Salon - Lounge | Wine Bar in Berlin

Though not necessarily known as a romantic European hotspot, date ideas in Berlin are not difficult to come up with.

Sightseeing dates are best done at night. Joining the throngs of international tourists along Unten den Linden during the day is one thing, but when the famous boulevard is lit up during nighttime hours, the area is less crowded and better suited for a hand-in-hand stroll. 

For the traditional dinner and a movie, Berlin’s students and alternatives frequent one of the city’s numerous and quaint art-house theaters. For a fancier option, there are the venues around Potsdamer Platz.

With parks, beaches, a long river, and forests, there is no shortage of room, or hidden-away alcoves and nooks, where couples on dates in Berlin can find privacy and a bit of natural wonder.

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