Berlin Pubs Overview

Dachkammer (DK Bar) - Bar | Café | Pub in Berlin

There isn’t the widest array of pubs in Berlin and the scene isn’t as wild or crazy as the clubs or bars, but there are still some great pubbing options that cater to locals and ex-pats alike who just want to grab some pub grub, drink thick Irish brews from the tap, and maybe catch a match or two on TV.

Berlin’s nightlife definitely leans more towards its crazy clubs, live music, and edgy bars, but the Berlin pubs are a great alternative to the madness and the perfect spots to hang out with friends and tie one on without any hassle. Pubs can be found throughout the city with some great examples like Franken, an English pub in Kreuzberg, or Oscar Wilde Irish Pub in Mitte.

What’s great about the pub culture in Berlin and elsewhere is how ubiquitous the venues truly are. If you’re hankering for some bangers & mash or fish & chips, turn to the nearest pub. If you want to catch a football match, check out a pub. Or, if you want Boddingtons and Guinness on tap, the pub is the place for you.

So before you rock your face off at a live music venue or dance all night till your feet start to blister, check out a pub or two in Berlin and see why the Irish and English have been doing the same for hundreds of years.

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