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Cocktail Bars in Prenzlauer Berg Overview

Zaza Cocktail Bar - Cocktail Bar | Restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

Prenzlauer Berg has a reputation for being Berlin’s posh neighborhood. It wasn’t always so, but over the last fifteen years, as Berlin has grown, Prenzlauer Berg has become the poster child for gentrification in the city.

The locals tend to be upwardly mobile, young middle-class couples, or the infamous DINKs of North American lore, and opinions in Berlin are polarized on the topic of Prenzlauer Berg. In the meantime, there are plenty of venues to go to for a drink or two while the situation resolves itself.

Cocktail bars in Prenzlauer Berg are very common these days. The affluence of the neighborhood draws a wealthy clientele, as well as those looking for a classy place to have drinks and settle in for the evening.

A night of cocktail drinking in Prenzlauer Berg can begin at the Eberwalder Strasse U-Bahn stop. Just meters away is Zaza Cocktail bar with its massive selection of cocktails. Several other options are further down Kastanienallee, as well as on Schönhauseer Allee, Danziger Strasse, and Bernhauer Strasse. Those looking for a cocktail will have no problem finding one.

Popular Prenzlauer Berg Cocktail Bars

  • * Druide Bar 20s / 30s / Absinthe / Absinthe Bar

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