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Tempodrom - Concert Venue in Berlin.
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INFO Originally just a large circus tent, the Tempodrom was erected by former nurse and heiress Irene Moessinger in 1980 close to the Berlin Wall at Potsdamer Platz. In the mid-1980s it moved to Tiergarten, where it remained... ... read more

Tempodrom Videos

JANET "Rhythm Nation" @ Tempodrom, Berlin (June 24th 2011) - HD
JANET "Rhythm Nation" @ Tempodrom, Berlin (June 24th 2011) - HD
Massive Attack - Karmacoma [Live @ Tempodrom, Berlin]
JANET "If" & "Scream" @ Tempodrom, Berlin (June 24th 2011) - HD
Tangerine Dream-Live Berlin Tempodrom 21,09,06
JANET "All For You" @ Tempodrom, Berlin (June 24th 2011) - HD
Tori Amos - Hotel -Live at Tempodrom, berlin 07.10.09
Nick Cave - The Lyre Of Orpheus - Berlin Tempodrom 21-05-08
JYJ Worldtour in TEMPODROM BERLIN Part.1
Willie Nelson - I Saw the Light ≈≈≈ Tempodrom Berlin
JANET "Doesn´t Really Matter" @ Tempodrom, Berlin (June 24th 2011) - HD

Tempodrom Information

Tempodrom - Concert Venue in Berlin.

Originally just a large circus tent, the Tempodrom was erected by former nurse and heiress Irene Moessinger in 1980 close to the Berlin Wall at Potsdamer Platz. In the mid-1980s it moved to Tiergarten, where it remained until the mid-1990s.

The modern Tempodrom, opened in 2001 in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, possesses a roof inspired by the original circus tent’s, much like the roof of the Cathedral of Brasilia in Brazil.

Under the Tempodrom’s circus roof are two arenas, providing space for events such as concerts, plays, revues, shows, circuses, and sporting events. The highly popular World Music festival is held at Tempodrom every year.

Concerts at the Tempodrom have included performances by Jack White, New Order, Regina Spektor, Snow Patrol, Kraftwerk, and David Byrne.

Capacity at the Tempodrom is around 4-5,000.

Tempodrom User Reviews

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Phillip Poisel wows in his Tempodrom Debut and final leg of Nationwide Tour
Sean B. Mar 27, 2013
Philipp Poisel live @ Tempodorm 19.03.13 - indieberlin gig review Equipped with a rich, layered, and beautifully haunting voice, breakout artist Philipp Poisel took the stage at the Tempodrom in Berlin Tuesday Night, playing an almost three hour show for a sold out crowd of enthusiastic and thoroughly engaged fans. I must admit that I didn´t know much about Philipp Poisel before going into this show. I recently moved to Germany from New York City, but thanks to my obsession with music charts from around the world, I´d been listening for months to “ Wie soll ein Mensch das ertragen”, which spent most of last year in the top 10 on the German Music Charts (Philipp had three top ten songs within the same year). I was familiar with his visceral musical storytelling and tonight´s inspired concert confirmed his unique ability to communicate through music, a universal language. On Tuesday, “Wie soll ein Mensch das ertragen”, was performed onstage by a gorgeous and graceful quartet of modern dancers, as the powerful lyrics and vocals of Philipp Poisel filled the Tempodrom with both clarity and honesty. And though the show was filled with countless intimate moments, Philipp appearing in a burst of fog alone with his guitar; joined onstage by German actor Matthias Schweighöfer to play the Youtube hit, “Eiserner Steg”; a series of duets with Alin Coen from the album Projekt Seerosenteich…the show was consistently lively, entertaining, and moving, thanks to an extremely talented band, string quartet, and ensemble of mimes, magicians, and dancers. At the interval, I asked a few fans what it is they love so much about Philipp Poisel. “The music is so emotional, it´s like theatre,” one female fan exclaimed. “He has an individual style that you don´t see in many other German artists right now” said another young male fan. “He has a quiet energy. He´s normal, he speaks like he sings,” said a female fan, this being her fourth time seeing Philipp in concert.c When I asked her how it has been to watch Phillip and his fan base grow so rapidly, she said, “It´s awesome. At the first show there were like thirty people. Now, look.” This has been a whirlwind year for Philipp, and judging from the response from the audience, it is obvious he may have many more like this past one to come. His heart, energy, and passion for music are evident, and it is because of this that his fans have developed such a strong and personal connection. Every person in the Tempodrom was completely with Phillip for the duration of the show. This connection was at its most powerful during his first encore, which he performed without a microphone or amplification. The crowd adjusted effortlessly, singing along almost in a whisper, creating a quiet, yet powerful energy that weaved itself to the top of the amphitheatre. “We had two tours this year, each 45,000 people,” Philipp´s long-time producer Frank Pilsl (who also recorded Philipp´s initial demos) said. And in his excitement it was clear, that every night the connection and response from the crowd is, somehow, always this personal. Special acknowledgment to a masterful lighting, set, and production team ….and especially the sound designers, who helped Philipp´s voice soar through the Tempodrom, while still creating an intimate and personal environment. This was the final show of this tour, but don´t miss Philipp Poisel when he tours Deutschland again this summer. Article by Sean Bradford
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