Lounges in Kreuzberg / Neukölln, Berlin

30s / 40s / Ambient / Art / Artsy / Bar / Beer / Belgian Beer / Blues / Bohemian / Casual / Chill / Cocktails / Creative / Art / Music Types / DJ / Dresses / Expats / Hip-Hop / Hip-Hop / International / Intimate / Jazz / Jazz / Jeans / Khakis / Laid back / Live Entertainment / Lounge / Mid 20s / Reggae / Skirts / Soul / Soul / Spoken Word Poetry / Students / T-shirts / Theater Types / Trendy Casual

Yuma Bar - Bar | Lounge in Berlin.

Party Earth Review A beacon of class in a sea of dives, Yuma Bar combines art and theater with crafted cocktails and Belgian beers to offer a tasteful but still very casual night out. Opened in 2008, the cozy venue quickly became a favorite of artsy kids and older creative types in need of a mellow evening, especially since Yuma’s open-ended ... more


Reuterstraße 63
12047 Berlin

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Artsy / Bar / Bohemian / Breakfast / Budget-friendly / Café / Casual / Chill / Conversational / Dresses / Drinks / Early 20s / Food / German Food / Jeans / Khakis / Laid back / Lounge / Lunch / Party Groups / Patio / Sandals / Smoking Area / Students / T-shirts / TVs / Tourists / Trendy Vibe / Wi-Fi

Salon Schmück - Bar | Café | Lounge in Berlin.

Party Earth Review A laid-back, trendy café offering wholesome breakfasts, unique lunches, and a long list of booze, Salon Schmück is as popular for its daytime eats as it is for late-night lounging on cozy vintage sofas. Catering mostly to hungry bohemians and students, the breakfast menu is a diverse mix of Swiss-style muesli, American ... more


Skalitzer Straße 80
10997 Berlin

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Lounges in Kreuzberg / Neukölln Overview

Farbfernseher - Bar | Club in Kreuzberg / Neukölln, Berlin

Kreuzberg and Neukölln are Berlin’s version of New York’s Greenwich Village (circa 1969), but with the added flare and culture of a very large Turkish immigrant population. Bohemians, artists, musicians, and young alternatives of all sorts have flocked to Kreuz-kölln – as the neighborhoods are collectively known – for the cheap rent, and variety of social activities.

The presence of a little Istanbul also means there are hookah lounges on every other corner in Kreuzberg and Neukölln. Kreuzberg lounges tend to be more western style – meaning they serve alcohol – and can be found along the popular Oranienstrasse and Skalitzer Strasse.

Neukölln lounges that are filled with younger, more alternative crowds, and even live music, can be found along Weserstrasse and Richardstrasse.

For a more authentic Turkish-style lounge in Kreuzberg and Neukölln, with signature wafts of fragrant apple or apricot tobacco, the main streets of Urbanstrasse, Hermannstrasse, Sonnenallee, and Karl-Marx-Strasse, have plenty of options for a smoke and a tea, and a chance to see Berlin’s Turkish culture a little more closely.

Popular Kreuzberg / Neukölln Lounges

  • * Yuma Bar 30s / 40s / Ambient / Art / Artsy

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