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Palm Beach - Bar | Tiki Bar in Friedrichshain, Berlin

With plenty of options for drinks, dancing, eating, or just loafing about, group activities in the former East Berlin neighborhood of Friedrichshain are available day and night.

Now in the early stages of gentrification, this part of Berlin has a lot to offer, both on the glittery, expensive, flashy side, and on the grimy, beat-up, authentic side. There are so many bar and club options for a group in Friedrichshain, the best plan is no plan. In the evening, Simon-Dach-Strasse gets crowded with student revelers, local artists, and young international party seekers who hop from venue to venue until finding one that all in their posse can agree on.

In the daytime, walking around Friedrichshain with a group is very manageable and visually rewarding. From the old industrial buildings and factories that now house the clubs, to the Oberbaum Bridge and some of the last remaining sections of the Berlin Wall – plus all the cafés, pubs, and bars in between – a short walking tour often becomes a day and night of revelry.

With the wealth of options available in Friedrichshain for groups, the problem is never boredom, but rather indecision and an overload of the senses.

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