Week End

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Week End One of the most well-known clubs in Berlin, Week End is a chic nightspot located in an old GDR office building that comes alive on the weekends when a trendy clientele shows up to dance the night away. Berlin Germany 52.523324 13.414607
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Week End - Club | Lounge in Berlin.
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Party Earth Review One of the most well-known clubs in Berlin, Week End is a chic nightspot located in an old GDR office building that comes alive on the weekends when a trendy clientele shows up to dance the night away. Bouncers greet patrons... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Th–Sa 11pm–late; Terrace open in summer only

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth Week End Review

The Scene

One of the most well-known clubs in Berlin, Week End is a chic nightspot located in an old GDR office building that comes alive on the weekends when a trendy clientele shows up to dance the night away.

One of the most well-known clubs in Berlin, Week End is a chic nightspot located in an old GDR office building that comes alive on the weekends when a trendy clientele shows up to dance the night away.

Bouncers greet patrons at the entrance and point them to the elevators, where another bouncer escorts them up to either the club on the 12th floor or the club and terrace on the 15th floor.

The terrace, located up a short flight of stairs and open only in the summer, is a lovely space with low white lounge sofas, a sleek bar, and a spectacular view of the Berlin skyline – perfect for taking a break from the noise and crowds.

The club just below it features a bar and dance floor where a large bank of flashing colored lights enhances the hypnotic effect of the music as dancers pack the floor or take refuge on the raised white sofas along the walls.

A second dance floor on the 12th floor, which opens for bigger events, features huge picture windows from which to enjoy the view. And just as beautiful as the panorama is Week End’s stylish clientele, a diverse international mix that likes to party hard and look good doing it.

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Tip from Adriana:

If the weather is nice, consider showing up as soon as the club opens at 11pm. That way you won’t have to deal with the line, and you can enjoy the breezy terrace for a few hours before heading down to the dance floor.

  • Crowd

    International, sophisticated, well-dressed, and beautiful, 20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJs, some with big names, play electronica, techno, and house music.

  • Food / Miscellaneous


  • Prices

    Cover charge €10–€15. Beer €3.50, wine €4, cocktails €7–€10, mixed drinks €6.50+, shots €3–€4.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Smart casual.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any weekend night after midnight.

Week End User Reviews

Average rating:
A playground for party goers, hidden on top of a seemingly abandoned tower block.
Amir A. May 1, 2013
Upon arrival in Berlin you get a lot of recommendations about where to spend your evenings, hence it wasn't long before Week End became a familiar name to me. I was told numerous times that this was a place that I definitely had to check out and so when it came to saturday night, I found myself pulling up outside in a cab. My initial thought was "does this cab driver speak English?", because he had parked outside a dilapidated office block that did not look very inviting to say the least. The subconscious feeling of apprehension continues as you pay in and are escorted to a lift at the end of the hall. Going up 15 floors in a lift that you are sharing with a silent German bouncer certainly makes your mind wonder as well. The opening of the elevator doors - this is the game changer. This is door way to Narnia. You step in to a club that is in no way reflected by its exterior. A spectrum of lights swirl around the room as deep house floods your ears. I had not heard of the famous roof top terrace and so after about an hour or so of dancing and admiring the view from the floor-to-ceiling windows, I decided to go for some fresh air. The terrace is truly spectacular. A full panorama view of Berlin greets you as get to the top of the stairs and it is not even interrupted by the bar, which has been lowered to knee-height. The abundance of bean bags and low-set sofas is a welcome contrast to the lively atmosphere in the club and it can be a difficult task to convince yourself to go back inside. Over all I would say that Week End is a must-see in Berlin if you enjoy good house music in an intimate setting. It almost feels like you are at a secret party despite the infamous reputation of the place.
Cool and upmarket
Ems-Lou R. Mar 8, 2013
I have been to Weekend quite a few times, it seems to pull you in with its intimate dance area and funk. Upstairs is where the magic happens for me, you are never too far away from the DJ which makes me feel like he is personally playing just for me. In the summer when you get to be on the rooftop terrace it's truly breathtaking..... the atmosphere is electric and the views of night time Berlin are incredible. Sundays at Weekend bring in the most extravagant clubbers, with high heels,feathers and drag queens gallore, its a place to see and take in for yourself, after all Weekends are to be ENJOYED....
Spend the Week End Here!
Lily R. Jan 15, 2013
Week End Club is a must see in Berlin. At the top of a huge building overlooking the city, partygoers are surrounded by floor to ceiling windows on both floors of the penthouse club. With one floor playing electro and one floor playing top 40 music, both rooms of Week End are full of people ready to dance. World renowned DJ’s are known to swing by when they stop in Berlin, so you may get lucky and catch a good one. Because of the venue itself (with a rooftop terrace in the summertime) and music, Week End is a really exciting place for a night out in Berlin. When we went, it was in the winter, so we couldn’t check out the terrace. However, we still had a blast and met lots of locals and trendy travelers. Definitely the best club we went to in Berlin!
Great view and atmosphere!
Megan Z. Jan 13, 2013
We heard about Week End while doing research for our trip to Berlin and right away we knew that it would be a must see - the view sounded incredible! We ended up going there twice. The first time was a Monday night pretty late, after another club. We must have arrived around 3 or 4 am. Honestly, we were pretty much the people there at the time and the bouncers actually let us in for free because he said we should check it out first, since it was pretty dead (it was a slow night in general, plus it was already so late). Even though it was so empty, we still had a lot of fun because it had such a good atmosphere. There are two floors with distinctly different music styles, and you can go back and forth through them in the elevator. And, of course, the view can't be beat. Unfortunately, we were there in February, so we could not go on the open roof, but from what I've heard from friends and other people we met at Week End, it is truly an incredible experience. The second time we went to Week End was actually on gay night, which turned out to be the most fun night of our trip. All of the guys there were so friendly and accepting. That night on the first floor, they played a lot Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and other fun dance music. The top floor was the normal techno music like all nights. We basically stayed till sunrise that night because we were having such a fun time. My only complaint about Week End was that the second night there was a pretty long line to go inside, since you have to wait for the elevator. But considering how late nights last till in Berlin (till dawn!), it really didn't matter at all. Drinks were a little pricey, as well, but that's to be expected in the city. Definitely make Week End a must-see if you're in Berlin!
Party with view over nightly Berlin
Tshaballala R. Nov 12, 2012
If one visits the Week End it seems to be just a normal club.Firstly you have to pass the entry, pay your cover charge and get to the wardrobe. But when you notice you have to take the lift to get to the club you are going to get aware of the special about the club: It is placed at the 12th floor as well as at a terrace at 15th floor, open in summer And from there you have a very good view over the nightly Berlin, while partying and listening to techno, house and electronic music, sometimes played by big named dj's. The crowd is very international, and whereas the mix of tourists and Berliners is balanced on weekdays, the amount of tourists predominates at weekends. But all in all a visit at Weekend is worth the money, however come there after midnight, before the club is empty. The best is to stay until you see and enjoy the sunrise at sunny days.
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