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Watergate With its immense windows framing the city lights and offering a spectacular view of the beautiful Oberbaumbrücke, the famous bridge spanning the Spree River, Watergate wows its patrons as soon as they step in the door. Berlin Germany 52.50102 13.44517
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Watergate - Club in Berlin.
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Party Earth Review With its immense windows framing the city lights and offering a spectacular view of the beautiful Oberbaumbrücke, the famous bridge spanning the Spree River, Watergate wows its patrons as soon as they step in the door... ... read full review

  • Train:

    U: Schlesisches Tor, Warschauer Strasse

  • Phone:

    030 61280396

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  • Hours:

    W/F/Sa midnight–late, occasionally open Th

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth Watergate Review

The Scene

With its immense windows framing the city lights and offering a spectacular view of the beautiful Oberbaumbrücke, the famous bridge spanning the Spree River, Watergate wows its patrons as soon as they step in the door.

With its immense windows framing the city lights and offering a spectacular view of the beautiful Oberbaumbrücke, the famous bridge spanning the Spree River, Watergate wows its patrons as soon as they step in the door.

But the visuals don’t end there at this chic techno club. Two separate floors – the main floor and the water floor – each provide the trendy, energetic crowd with a distinctive atmosphere.

The club’s main floor features two bars and a ceiling covered with colored lights that keep time with the beat in a stunning psychedelic wave.

The downstairs water floor features several TV screens depicting constantly-evolving geometric shapes synced to the music, while a floating dock outside provides lots of comfy seats, a fabulous view of the water, and an escape from the smoke and frenzy inside.

Despite the jaw-dropping layout, the real draw at Watergate is the music, and the club boasts a long roster of international DJs and some big names in the techno music scene.

Offering both an energetic spot to go crazy on the dance floor and a cool atmosphere in which to kick back and enjoy the killer view, Watergate is the kind of club night owls gladly risk impeachment to get into.

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Tip from Adriana:

As long as you don’t arrive in groups of more than three or four people, it’s usually not too hard to get into this club. Keep in mind that the bouncers maintain an even number of guys and girls, so it’s best to arrive before 2am when the door policy is a bit more lenient.

  • Crowd

    Animated, outgoing, and stylish, 20s to early 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    House and techno.

  • Food / Miscellaneous


  • Prices

    Cover charge €6–€15. Beer €3.50, wine €4–€5, cocktails €8–€10, mixed drinks €5.50–€7, non-alcoholic drinks €2.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Smart casual.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Fun on any of the three nights after 1am, but the party lasts longer on Fridays and Saturdays.

Watergate User Reviews

Average rating:
Watergate quick review
Tiago T. Jul 11, 2013
You can only enjoy this club. The view on the Spree is beautiful. DJs and producers, play the best music you can find in electronic music Quick-tip: check the line up on the night you're going as they might ask you at the entrance to let you in. Also split in groups if you're multiple friends...and smile!!
Watergate: techno lovers walhalla
Cassie C. Jun 26, 2013
When you are standing outside of this club, the huge line near the door will give you a clear indication of how wildly popular this place is among the young hipster crowd of Berlin. However, you have to be beware that there is a chance you might get turned away at the door, for any reason that the doormen can think of that is not done. It can be from the way you are dressed to the amount of people you are with. Also having knowledge of the DJ's playing that night can be an advantage for you to getting a step closer into this exclusive club. Further, its popularity is further emphasized by the prohibition of camera's inside the club. Nope, you are not allowed to document it's huge ceiling full of colored lightbulbs that change along with the music, the gorgeous view to the Spree river and the beautifully historic Oberbaumbruecke bridge, or the modern chill out area downstairs where the huge bar in the middle will get you any alcoholic beverage your partymood desires. But that's a good thing actually, because this way you will get the opportunity to fully enjoy the music scene, which is electronic, techno and minimal techno. Their house DJ makes up his own tunes and you can buy a CD of the music you so enjoyed the night before. Just keep in mind that Berlin is a hipster town with clubs where 'tourists' are very hated. So don't take it personal if you are turned away. The only way to enjoy this city and all that it offers in clubs, is by trying to be the best version of you, without giving sh*t what others think of your personality, outfit or lifestyle. Let go, have fun and enjoy your freedom in this crazy city.
james m. Jun 17, 2013
Went to watergate after hearing and researching so much about the amazing club, joined the que for half an hour got through doormen and went to door where we were greeted by a female steward/doorgirl who asked us did we know what DJ was playing tonight and were then STUNNED to be turned away for being unable to pronounce the Dj's name correctly, I understood that Sometimes people can make mistakes but i did think it was ridiculous for speaking in English!! If only our amazing nightclubs in LONDON, SHEFFIELD, LIVERPOOL, NEWCASTLE, etc would do the same thing but no in good old england we accept everyone for WHO THEY ARE NOT WHAT THEY ARE!!!!!!
Waterside Party
Ricardo B. May 7, 2013
Unless you’re a Berliner, beware of Berlin’s club scene as its majesty and brilliance is sure to ruin your expectations of clubs forever. Watergate, one of the trendiest clubs in the city is also one of the most attractive, sitting directly next to the river Spree and possessing an outdoor patio where you can smoke, chat, and soak in the beauty of the river, the grandiose Oberbaum Bridge and the sparkling lights of the Universal Music building directly across the river. The décor is superbly minimalist and sleek, evocative of the calm river that flows beside, visible from the wall of windows on the north end of the club. The crowd is predominantly gorgeous, 20-something years young Germans. The house or break-beat music will thump all night until the high noon sun illuminates the entire dance floor. Watergate is a very exclusive club, however, so just getting into the door can be a bit daunting. First, you’ll want to separate yourselves into small groups of three or four, preferably two women to one man. Next, especially during the winter months, you’ll want to send a friend to buy enough drinks at the corner store to keep you warm in the typically hour-long queue, but not too much where you’ll be belligerent by the time you reach the entrance as you’ll surely be turned away if you’re seen stumbling towards the door. The nerve-racking begins as you step up to the door and are sternly greeted by the gatekeepers, men and women who will look you up and down, judging whether your je ne sais quio is worthy of stepping foot into their special venue. You’ll then be informed whether you'll have the privilege of shelling out 12 Euros to enter the club and rub elbows with the cool kids, or that you've just waited an hour in the snow only to be embarrassed and turned away for who knows what. It all sounds very harsh and superficial (as it should), but the exhilaration of being chosen will pump you with enough adrenaline to keep you dancing until the wee hours of the morning.
Watergate Day Party
Amir A. May 1, 2013
Watergate is one of the most well know night clubs in Berlin but, perhaps less well known, they also host day parties from time to time. The Watergate day party has a very different feel to the club. Firstly it is outdoors and has an open plan lay out with only one understated DJ booth in the centre. The setting of the event is very intimate, holding no more than 1000 people, and it boasts a location adjacent to the Spree River. As a result many party goers are found sunbathing on the sandy embankment before going back to the grassy dance floor for a boogie. The music itself is typically first class as Watergate presents some of the biggest names in house and techno such as Loco Dice and Magda. The Watergate day party if perfect for those who appreciate their music and want to spend their day sipping beers and dancing in a very chilled out atmosphere, a complete contrast to the night club itself.
Watergate is Watergate
augusta m. Apr 25, 2013
Watergate is cool. Even if by now you can define it commercial, Whatergate is cool. The venue is impressive: two floors with huge windows on the Spree river where you can see the sunrise while dancing or the ducks walking on the iced water. In summer times there is also a chill out area outside just on the river. The dj programming are always with big names and you can be sure you’ll have a quality night. Lately, just because it has become a famous name in club scene, you’ll probably find a long queue at the door. Yeah that’s bad, also because as often in Berlin you never know if they’ll let you in, but actually you just have to be smart with the time you go there. Anyway, if is your really first time, try it!
A place that never disappoints. Relax, dance, get inspired by the Berlin vibe
Veronika S. Apr 9, 2013
Sometimes it's hard to keep track of which is the hippest of all these hyped clubs of Berlin with weird names and with a new one opening every week. Berlin does have much to offer and there are plenty of great spots to discover, which sometimes caused me trouble to choose, when I lived there. The Watergate has already been around for 10 years, but in my opinion it is a go to location for those who come to visit as well as a reliable haunt you can never go wrong with for locals. Still. Yeah, the bouncers are a bit cranky, and yeah, they once didn't let a friend in because he was waring a shirt. But that's Berlin, man! And that's exactly what makes for it's eccentric, quirky and charming vibe. If you want to wear a shirt, go to Munich. But otherwise, just behave normal, don't act over-excited and relax, then you will get in. Actually, isn’t it quite nice not having to get all dolled up and just focus on having a blast? And that’s exactly what I aways had in the Watergate. The DJ's are always great and the atmosphere is just... Berlin! Some of my most exciting ideas were actually inspired while I was hanging out there. I don't know, if it was the breathtaking view of the river of Spree sparkling in the sunrise, slowly revealing the stunningly contrasting skyline of history-charged landmarks and industrial buildings, the ecstatic dancing that you definitely can't resist doing in there, the crazy and unique crowd around me or just the decently mixed and priced drinks. Probably a mix of all of that; and that's exactly why I love this place. You get it all. You get Berlin as it’s best.
Clothes are important, but Excellent Music and Djs Selection
Maddalena Z. Mar 29, 2013
It's hard to accept that after 2 hours of line somebody says to you "No, you are out" maybe because you are too elegant or too simply. I know the place is hard to get in, but if you are in you are listening quality music for sure, you are in a place where you can dance without any distrub and you can meet cool people. The best is that planet studios that is front of the watergate and when the sun starts rising, reflecting from their mirror window it's so exciting and it's a really nice experience to say "Hello!" to a new day from Watergate terrace!
Great for those interested in big name DJs on the techno scene
Lucy C. Feb 26, 2013
Arguably the best advice regarding Berlin’s nightlife is, “the poorer you look, the cooler you are”, and nowhere does this ring more true than in Watergate; ripped tights and messy hair with a casual outfit are not uncommon at this über cool club. Aside from the electric interior (literally!) and stunning views, the true hype surrounding Watergate comes from the huge names from the music industry that regularly perform here; in the past these have included Circoloco, Mitja Prinz and acclaimed DJs from across the globe, particularly from the house and techno scene. Entry cost and drinks prices are average for a club of its size and reputation, around €6 for a mixed drink, which can be enjoyed overlooking the River Spree on the floating decking area until the small hours as a refreshing break from spirited dancing. Watergate often gets a reputation for a strict door policy; presumably to deter uninformed and unwitting tourists looking for cheesy pop from wandering in by mistake, but as with any club, dressing appropriately and arriving in good time (before 2am) usually avoids any problems.
Great Music
Risa C. Nov 19, 2012
I came here with a German friend while on vacation and didn't know what to expect. My friend basically told me, "don't talk at the door, no one in Berlin likes Americans", and "don't wear any bright colors, it's not Berlin." So dressed in all black I silently walked up to the club past a teenager peeing in a bottle behind a dumpster next to the club. Promising. Once we got in they told me "no pictures," we paid a moderate cover and went in. When we arrived at 2 am I thought it was fairly late, even by New York standards, yet the club was still half empty or half full or however you want to put it. We started off in the downstairs room where the music was mellow house music, but we didn't stay long since none of us were smokers and the place was like a chimney. We headed upstairs and ordered a few drinks. About two hours and several beers later the music had slowly built tempo into an awesome dance party with Nic Fanciulli djing and the room has gotten packed. We ended up staying until about 6 in the morning when we had to call it quits since some of the girls could no longer stand their heels. Which for the record were completely unnecessary since other patrons were literally wearing sleeveless sports jerseys and holy (as in with holes, not blessed) t-shirts. Great time out ...oh and also the view of the river and bridge are stunning! The music is the highlight of the venue, but the scenery is a great bonus.
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