Berlin Jazz Clubs Overview

Quasimodo - Bar | Jazz Club | Live Music Venue in Berlin

As the epicenter for all things music in Europe, it’s no surprise that the jazz clubs in Berlin also inspire artists from all over the world with a variety of dingy dives and grand stages.

With more than 30 jazz clubs and bars in the city, Berlin could be considered a hot bed for the sultry sounds of the saxophone. This reputation is only reinforced during the annual JazzFest Berlin that was founded in 1964 and considered one of the best jazz festivals in the world.

There are so many Berlin jazz clubs that it’s hard to name them all, but a few are worth noting. First, there’s Quasimodo in West Berlin. This animated club attracts the biggest acts from around the globe and boasts having one of the best sound systems in the city.

Other great jazz haunts in Berlin include, B-Flat, a roomy spot with a great happy hour open six days a week, and A-Trane, a West Berlin staple and intimate jazz club where every seat in the house is up close and personal and attracts a more discerning clientele.

No matter where you look in Berlin, there are jazz clubs and bars that will meet your standards, whether you’re a first time listener or a long time enthusiast.

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