Berlin Comedy Clubs Overview

East-Side Comedy - Comedy Club in Berlin

There’s an old stereotype that Germans are simply too logical to be funny. But you’d be hard pressed to believe that when you venture into one of the many Berlin comedy clubs strewn throughout the city.

Comedy clubs are great for a number of reasons. If you’re looking for a good first date idea – it’s the perfect place to impress. If you’re feeling down and need a solid pick-me-up, a comedy club can get you out of your funk. And finally, if you want to be inspired by gutsy performers who are baring their souls while doing what they love for a living, then comedy clubs are the best place to go.

One of the best comedy clubs in Berlin is Comedy Club Kookaburra. A joint English-speaking and German speaking comedy club, Kookaburra hosts stand-up comedy nights, in addition to live music, cabaret, readings, and more.

If you’re looking for some good side-splitting laughs, Berlin has a number of comedy clubs that will keep you guffawing for hours. And if you need to prove that Germans do in fact have a sense of humor, just hit up any one of the clubs any day of the week to see for yourself.

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