Berlin Sports Bars Overview

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Berlin is a city steeped in hard partying, incredible live music, and stellar beer, but one of the other truly great pastimes is getting together with friends and cheering, yelling, and commiserating over sports at great bars all over the city.

Sports bars in Berlin invariably have a lot in common. First, there’s always great draft beer and German pub grub on hand. Second, there are usually multiple TVs tuned to every soccer match, basketball game, tennis tournament, hockey contest, etc. And third, the sports bars are typically filled with impassioned fans rooting for their teams as loudly as physically possible.

One of the most popular sports bars in Berlin, and one of the first Irish pubs to open in Mitte, is Oscar Wilde Irish Pub. At this boisterous bar, English-speaking ex-pats and German locals come together over freshly poured pints of Guinness and lots of Hertha Berlin football – the local city favorite. The pub is known to get a little rowdy and also features quiz nights, karaoke nights, and live music throughout the week.

So whether you’re looking for great football, basketball, hockey, or even golf, there are plenty of Berlin sports bars to guarantee you’ll never miss an exciting sports moment.

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