Berlin Dive Bars Overview

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In a city that truly embraces the grittier side of nightlife, it shouldn’t be all that shocking that there are some great down and dirty dive bars in Berlin for slurping down cheap booze or drowning away your sorrows.

The Berlin dive bars share a lot in common. They’re usually dingy affairs attracting all types from broke students to destitute barflies. They always have the cheapest drinks in town. And they’re perfect for getting a night started or ending it with one last drink using the spare change in your pocket.

Franken in Kreuzberg is a classic Berlin dive filled with British expats looking for Guinness on tap and Franken’s excellent selection of cider. Here the beer is dirt cheap and the punk rock music is loud and that’s just the way the customers like it.

Over in Friedrichshain is Die Tagung where Berlin Wall era nostalgia lines the walls and locals pop in for their later than average daily Happy Hour. In Prenzlauer Berg, meanwhile, The Bird is a rowdy dive filled with both locals and expats looking for greasy bar food including some of the hottest wings in Berlin.

There are plenty of dive bars to choose from in Berlin so whether you’re searching for rowdy, laid-back, cheap, super cheap, disheveled, or dilapidated, there will inevitably be a great dumpy watering-hole tailor-made for you.

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