Berlin Cocktail Bars Overview

Scotch & Sofa - Lounge | Whiskey Bar in Berlin

When people think of drinking in Germany, their first impulse is to gravitate towards the beer. It makes sense, it’s a beer drinking country and hops-lovers abound. However, if all you thought of was beer, than you’d be missing out on a great number of cocktail bars in all the major cities.

Cocktail bars in Berlin, for instance, run the gamut from high-end and fancy ordeals to creative mixology dens and whiskey bars. What they all have in common is a knowledgeable staff ready to whip up intricate artisanal drinks that will light up your taste buds like nothing else.

One of the best Berlin cocktail bars is a place called Jansen Bar. Jansen is an upscale cocktail joint with a bohemian clientele. Here, bartenders dazzle their patrons with expertly crafted creations with a little live jazz to boot.

Another great cocktail bar is Madonna which not only has over 250 types of whiskey to mix and match, but was also featured in the German movie Herr Lehmann.

Two more great cocktail bars are Zaza Cocktail Bar and Scotch & Sofa. Zaza offers over 50 kinds of mixed drinks in a sleek and chic environment; whereas Scotch & Sofa throws together mismatched furniture in the most tasteful way possible while serving a swanky clientele expertly concocted libations.

With a solid variety of cocktail bars to choose from, Berlin gives its party-hungry denizens some excellent pre-clubbing drinks options or just a bunch of chill places to spend the night refining your cocktail palate.

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