Berlin Beer Gardens Overview

Prater Garten - Beer Garden | Beer Hall | Drinking Activity | Historic Restaurant in Berlin

For anyone staying in the fabled city of smoke and stone, going to a Berlin beer garden is an absolute must. After all, this is the country that invented the beer garden, and its capital city proves that they’ve perfected the art of drinking outdoors.

The problem is discerning which bars in Berlin are officially ‘beer gardens’ and which are just simply, well, German bars. A few make their case pretty convincingly – the Weihenstephaner brewery’s restaurant and beer garden has the wooden floored patios and beach umbrellas that are prerequisites to such a hangout, while the Prater Garden’s long outdoor tables have a quaint modern feel but remain old-school in practice. Even the rock-climbing wall and half-pipe of Cassiopeia don’t overwhelm its outdoor beer-swilling area. But for each of these “official” beer gardens, Berlin boasts at least five restaurants and bars with sprawling outdoor areas perfect for taking in some fresh air and a liter of Bitburger.

Beer gardens in Berlin have a long-standing tradition behind them, and as such are often seen as antiquated by the younger generations, who love the chic atmosphere and sweet cocktails of the club scene. But for tourists and old-school drinkers, these outdoor suds hubs will fill them with enough national pride to declare, much like President Kennedy, that they are donuts.

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