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Ä Ä in Neukölln: an artsy Berlin dive with cool live performances & a creative crowd. Check out the latest program in Berlin with Party Earth. Berlin Germany 52.4851324 13.437154
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Ä - Bar in Berlin.
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Party Earth Review A bevy of young creative types are dawn to Ä, which despite its simple name touts a varied calendar of live entertainment hidden past the bedraggled and graffiti-plastered façade. The venue is divided into two minimalist... ... read full review

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    U: Rathaus Neukölln‎, Hermannplatz

  • Phone:

    030 30648751

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  • Hours:

    Daily 5pm–late

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth Ä Review

The Scene

Ä in Neukölln: an artsy Berlin dive with cool live performances & a creative crowd. Check out the latest program in Berlin with Party Earth.

A bevy of young creative types are dawn to Ä, which despite its simple name touts a varied calendar of live entertainment hidden past the bedraggled and graffiti-plastered façade.

The venue is divided into two minimalist rooms, with reclaimed tables, a variety of secondhand plastic chairs and crates to sit on, and unfinished cement walls sparsely adorned with old pictures.

On Wednesdays, local students, artists, and musicians cram the joint to hear acoustic singer-songwriters and experimental music, while second and fourth Thursdays see a literary-minded crowd pack in for prose and poetry.

On other nights, a more pub-like feel reigns as grungy locals hang around playing foosball and smoking cigarettes, talking issues of the day, and indulging in the healthy selection of Bavarian and Franconian beer.

Local DJs set up on weekends to play the latest in electro, dubstep, or funk as the rooms fill to bursting and a more club-like revelry ensues well into dawn.

Perhaps the venue’s high point comes on fourth Fridays when it features the Living in Berlin “Schmusetiersoap,” an ongoing dramatic and comedic soap opera about local politics performed entirely with stuffed animals.

A grime-encrusted gem of culture or a local pub with lots of character, Ä has made a standard out of being unconventional for proudly peculiar partiers.

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Tip from Emma:

Bring your own stuffed animal to the Schmusetiersoap. At the end, the crowd votes on the best newcomers, so you just might find your cuddly stuffed friend as a character in next month’s performance.

  • Crowd

    Students, musicians, artists, and some eclectic older folks for specific events, but mostly local young Neukölln-ians, 20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Live acoustic and experimental music on Wednesdays from 9pm; literature and/or poetry readings on second and fourth Thursdays from 9pm; Living in Berlin “Schmusetiersoap” (Stuffed Animal Soap Opera) on fourth Fridays from 9pm. On Fridays and Saturdays, DJs play a range of music including electro, techno, dubstep, and funk from 10pm.

    Check venue website for up-to-date calendar and video interviews of past and future performers.

    Foosball table.

    Free Wi-Fi.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Food may be ordered from Wirtshaus Schwarzzenberger next door, a restaurant under the same ownership that offers traditional German dishes like goulash, bulette, various flammkuchen, and spätzle, as well as a few pasta dishes.

    Indoor smoking room and outdoor smoking patio.

  • Prices

    No cover charge. Wirtshaus dishes €3.50–€14. Beer €2–€3, wine €3, long drinks €5–€6, spirits €2–€4.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual alternative: white t-shirts, jeans, tracksuits, ripped clothes, sundresses, flip-flops, spiked hair, Birkenstocks, lots of secondhand oddities.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any night a performance of interest is scheduled, especially fourth Fridays for the live “Schmusetiersoap,” or any regular Friday and Saturday night for big crowds and DJs.

  • Close By

    Tier (Weserstraß 42) just across the street has a slightly pricier menu but a similar crowd and music.

Ä User Reviews

Average rating:
A classic!
Peter W. Apr 12, 2013
The name is probably the only german thing in Ä. Or is it? Because if there is something as 'typical', then this is also a fairly typical Berliner Bar. And as we all know (or, at least, at one point, heard) Berlin is not the rest of Germany. And the other way round. Here, in Neukölln, all the ways seem to lead to one point. Or two, actually. Ä is the umlaut of Weserstraße's bars. Two different rooms offer two kinds of moods for two distinct addictions. In the first, a kicker-table for non-smokers. In the second, a smoky atmosphere, with the occasional breeze of live music. The dark almost mystic atmosphere is an important part of the general 'stimmung' of the place, and an open invitation to a calm chat in a corner table or a group laugh in one of the comfy sofas. That is also a strong point here. The trashy-chic decoration, so common - and sometimes forced - in many other bars, here actually seems authentic. Scattered vintage lamps light as much as the candles burning on each table. Beer crates pile up in the corridor. Class and trash next to each other. Nothing appears to fit, but it all does. And it even seems to make sense. Time passes slowly in this bar. Like myself, it also gets used to the relaxed atmosphere. Decoration, people, music, talks. It all just turns into a highly enjoyable evening in Berlin. Time passes slow but still, it passes. Suddenly, almost all other tables are empty, only occupied by sitting chairs upside down, ready to call it a night. I will also, just before reaching that moment when all I can say is 'ä'....
Chilled out, funky, fun
Olivia S. Mar 26, 2013
Looking for a dark, smoky haunt packed on a Friday night with not only Berlin's hippest hipsters, but everybody in between (and maybe their young-ish parents, too)? Your search is over. Ä is a bar located in one of Neukölln's hippest nightlife spots, but isn't pretentious or hard to get into, even if there aren't any seats left in the place. The vibe is dirty but comfy--couches, lamps and candles evoke the feeling of kicking back at an artist's warehouse collective, and if you're unlucky as far as seating goes, it's perfectly acceptable to pull up a beer crate next to your friends and enjoy your evening from a slightly more DIY seating arrangement. Sound funky? That's the vibe at Ä--if you're looking for an upscale cocktail bar or a chic hangout, this is not it. But it's a fun place to chill out, laugh with friends, and meet new people; everyone in Ä seems to be willing to give you a chance at conversation as long as you're open to it. As far as drinks go, Ä's selection is pretty standard, with average pricing. A Longdrink or Cocktail will run you around 5,50 Euros, and beers around 2,50 to 3,00. On the whole, it's an affordable spot for a few beers and some stimulating (though loud--it really does get packed on the weekends) conversation with new or old friends. If you're looking for a congenial bar atmosphere that isn't all about sweet tropical cocktails or 10 Euro cover charges, Ä is well worth a visit.
Núria C. Feb 15, 2013
My Take: Ä is a bar located in one of the trendiest areas in Neukölln, Wesserstrase. This street is where most nightlife happens. Ä is divided into two floors, one non-smoking with a foosball table and the other where you can enjoy live music and smoke if you like. Vintage lamps, cozy sofas and candles on every table make this space an intimate place to enjoy after the sunset or make more bearable the darkness of the long winter in Berlin. The Scene: Every Wednesday and Thursday at 9pm you can enjoy free concerts here. Alternative, Folk, Pop, Indie, Psychedelic is what are you’re going to find. Most of the bands and singers that play there are far from the mainstream scene. Sometimes you can be really amazed discovering new young musicians that are growing up in Berlin. Cocktails & Cuisine: No food, just drinks. But near other bars and restaurants so it’s easy to fit in if you are hungry. Prices: Free entrance. The prices are around 2€ and 2.80€ for a beer. Wine is about 2.50-3.00, and Cocktails are around 5€-5.50€. What to Wear: Casual. No dress code. Insider Info/When to go: Especially on Wednesday there is usually a crowd, so don’t be late if you want to take a seat for the music sessions, otherwise you’ll be standing up and listening from the hall. Sometimes they program some live music on Fridays so check out the Ä website so you don’t miss anything.
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