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Las Ramblas The heart of Barcelona beats in Las Ramblas, a wide boulevard that separates the Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter) from the Raval District and leads from Plaça Catalunya in the center of the city all the way down to the sea. Barcelona Spain 41.3807844 2.1737475
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Las Ramblas - Nightlife Area | Outdoor Activity | Shopping Area in Barcelona.
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Party Earth Review The heart of Barcelona beats in Las Ramblas, a wide boulevard that separates the Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter) from the Raval District and leads from Plaça Catalunya in the center of the city all the way down to the sea... ... read full review

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    Catalunya, Liceu, Drassanes

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Party Earth Las Ramblas Review

The Scene

The heart of Barcelona beats in Las Ramblas, a wide boulevard that separates the Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter) from the Raval District and leads from Plaça Catalunya in the center of the city all the way down to the sea.

The heart of Barcelona beats in Las Ramblas, a wide boulevard that separates the Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter) from the Raval District and leads from Plaça Catalunya in the center of the city all the way down to the sea.

A rich tapestry of human interaction characterizes the street, starting with the amazing performers and mime artists whose theatrical costumes and mesmerizing acts often stop whole crowds in their tracks.

Besides the winged demons, gallant knights, mischievous jesters, and flamboyant flamenco artists, Las Ramblas is also chock full of restaurants and cafés, as well as one or two bars and clubs well worth stopping by for a cervesa or two.

During the day, the street teems with tourists, commuters, and shoppers, while by night the area is taken over by throngs of barhoppers and clubbers flitting between venues on either side of the avenue.

Though Las Ramblas has become a bit of a tourist magnet, the boulevard still offers so much character and so many things to do and see that a walk down this renowned road will be time well spent.

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Tip from Emma:

Las Ramblas is full of hidden treasures, so walk slowly and take everything in. A wax museum, erotica museum, local cocktail bars, and drinking kiosks along the street are just a few of the discoveries. Keep an eye on your belongings, though – pickpockets operate here!

  • Crowd

    Spaniards, expats, and tourists of all ages.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Street performers, guitarists, flamenco dancers, mimes, beat boxers, card tricksters, break dancers, and countless other amusing acts take place day and night.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    An endless choice of tapas bars, international restaurants, food markets, and bars.

  • Prices

    Everything in this tourist area is a little more expensive, but there are still bargains to be had.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything goes.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Las Ramblas is best enjoyed during the day when a cosmopolitan carnival vibe prevails. After midnight the area gets seedy, although rarely dangerous, and becomes simply a route between point A and point B.

  • Close By

    Plenty of bars and clubs in the area include Hogan's Bar (La Rambla, 81) and Boulevard Culture Club (La Rambla, 27), as well as the venues on Plaça Reial, located right off the main strip. La Boqueria (Plaça de la Boqueria) is a daily outdoor market that sells a wide variety of fresh foods.

Las Ramblas User Reviews

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Living statues
Claire T. Jul 26, 2013
Go anytime of the day and walk the whole street, and see various living statues. These statues are really great especially the effects on their bodies and costumes. Don't expect to have the same statues the whole day. They keep on changing. + the tapas + the shops
If you wanna be a true Barcelonian lover, go to Las Ramblas!
Kim M. Jul 16, 2013
Las Ramblas is possibly the best place to be not only in location wise but also everything they offer. From shops to night life and La Bouqueria Market, everything is basically there. It is also a best spot for tourist since everything is nearby. If you walk straight away, the Barcelonetta beach is there and if you turn right or left you will find tons of things to do, and shopping especially for the girls! Definitely if you like the bohemian and hippy style of Spain, Las Ramblas is the place to go!
ivaylo m. May 15, 2013
One of the best people watching spots of the world, if you are a curious traveler you will get a great kick from the various activities and interactions. Las Ramblas has 2 sides, day and night where each has it´s interest
Cmc Cristina C. May 1, 2013
Costumes, Birds, Flowers, Cafes... Yes you have landed in the heart of Barcelona's historic Las Ramblas. Starting at the Plaza Catalunya walking all the way to the Christopher Colombus monument. In between these two points of reference you can find everything from Barcelona souvenirs, to fine Spanish Lladro porcelain. Live street performers illuminate the days and nights in Barcelona cafes with Tapas of all kinds, and don't forget to grab a bite at the amazing Boqueria, with foods from all over- fresh and waiting for you! A must is a camera to capture all of the liveliness and true Barcelona living. Grab a "jarra de sangria" at a bar or cafe, sit back, sip, and enjoy the atmosphere, because you never know what might catch your eye on Las Ramblas!
Las Raving Ramblas! You can't go wrong
Erika H. Mar 27, 2013
Welcome to the center of all the hottest action in Barcelona. Las Ramblas is one of the most famous street in Barcelona, lined with everything you could wish to find in nightlife from cool, sophisticated, dress to impress only clubs to alternative cosmopolitan bars. Also come during the day to enjoy the markets and stand still characters lining the sides. Just watch out for pick pocketers as they are notorious in this area. They are also extremely well practiced, and drunk tourists are the easiest targets. I would definitely recommend Nitsa Club for a great dance scene disco in Las Ramblas, but you also can’t go wrong with Sala Apolo, which is hip-hop techno.
First stop
Tamar A. Mar 12, 2013
Las Ramblas is one of the most famous avenue's in the world, it is 1.2 kilometers long and it should be your first walk in Barcelona. Do it once, do it quick and go enjoy the city. It begins in Plaza Cataluniya and goes 0all the way down to the Columbus statue and is located beetween the gotic quarter to the Raval neighborhood. So when ever you turn off it, you will have a great time. Even though it is considered a tourist trap you could find some cheap ice cream and maybe not to bad souvenires. It is a good spot to score some ticket to a FCB match (Sometime for reasonable prices) and to have your first tapas. It is allways lively and packed with tourists, musicians and restaurants. Enjoy the stroll, go to the market for some lunch, and hold on to your purse at all time.
Gate to the City
Sam S. Jan 8, 2013
Okay, if you've gotten to the point where you are checking this website for ideas about Barcelona - you know what La Rambla is. You know that it is a tourist trap and that it is something you probably only need to experience once. You've been warned 1000 times that this is pickpocket central - and rightfully so. The restaurants are severely overpriced and the clubs promoters, trinket shop vendors, and other street hustlers are relentless. After a sunny walk from Plaça Catalunya to the Columbus statue during the day, there IS reason to return at night. Although the club and bar scene on La Rambla is overpriced and filled with unadventurous tourists, Las Ramblas is the center of two distinctly unique Barcelona night scenes. Head down Carrer De l' Hospital to Absenta or Carrer Sant Pau to Marcelos for authentic absinthe experiences. If you want to experience a Barcelona club night then head down Carrer Nou De La Rambla to Apolo around 2am, enjoying street beers (and whatever else your partying requires) along the way. On the other side of La Rambla in the Gotico neighborhood head down Carrer Boqueria, Carrer Ferran, and veer off down Carrer Avinyo. You will get lost in the Gotico, but you will never be far from a lively bar filled with locals, ex-pats, and tourists. Las Ramblas are many things, but don't judge the area only on what you hear about it or even what the main street seems to be - It has much more to offer - trust me, I live on La Rambla.
Might as Well Get it Overwith
Risa C. Dec 12, 2012
Akin to walking through Time Square in New York, going through Las Ramblas is something you're going to have to do as a tourist, though probably not something you'd want to do every day. By day its filled with vendors selling tchotchkes and other assorted souvenir type items, with plenty of tourist oriented restaurants lining the street. By night, you can see the full extent of the lack of open container laws in Spain as people walk around beers in hand being stopped by promoters trying to get you to go to a club. As a footnote don't buy the beers from the guys walking around selling cans on the street, my friend told me that they store them in the sewer to keep them cold...ick! If you really want a beer that badly, go to McDonalds.
Ah, Las Ramblas
Jody P. Dec 12, 2012
What can I say about Las Ramblas? This is by far the most touristy area in barcelona. It is a must-see in Barcelona for sure. However, having lived here for several months now, i typically try to avoid it! It is what times square is to NYC - crowded, bad traffic, pickpockets, etc. But all that stuff aside, it is a cool thing to see. Las ramblas starts at plaza catalunya and ends at the columbus monument and is divided unofficially into sections. There is a bird market, then a flower market, then a row of restaurants that have outside seating on Las Ramblas (don't eat here - you will be tempted when you see the huge sangria glasses - but this is SO touristy so it is really expensive but low quality), followed by a bunch of street artists and then ending with the street performers (which are usually pretty good). Along las Ramblas are tons of shops, restaurants, museums, and other attractions. There are a couple of famous stops like the dessert shop Escriba and the opera house, LIceu. Also, you can access la boqueria from las ramblas. There is a square off of las ramblas that sometimes has acrobats performing. There are restaurants in the square as well as a flamenco club and a jazz club. You have to go to las ramblas in barcelona, it is a huge part of the culture, but just be careful and watch your purse!
Get your Baton!
Brie S. Nov 14, 2012
Day or night Las Ramblas is a hubbub of the strange, trinkety, and restless. It is the heart of Old Town, beginning at the statue of Columbus and the sea and splitting the town. The seriously long avenue is a center for street performers, tourist traps, and very good Tapas. Restaurants line the street, as do many striking gothic buildings. Old Town is mainly faceted with narrow streets that wouldn’t accommodate two G-Wizzes, but Las Ramblas is magnificent in its breadth. The avenue has a certain gothic dignity about it, holding on to the past like all great European boulevards. Las Ramblas does not have the elite self-satisfaction of Paris’ Champs Elysees or the intellectualism of DC’s Mall; it does, however, embrace the Spanish passion for music, life, culture, and partying. Just waking down the avenue feels like taking part in your own Barcelonan parade. While many of the shops along the street sell the same touristy junk and the mimes, performers, magicians and the like are not exactly poised to open at the Liceu, Las Ramblas is arguably the most exciting street you will ever walk down.
A Must See!!!
Sunset E. Oct 6, 2012
Las Ramblas is like 10 or so blocks long with shops filled on both sides of the streets!!! There area tons of touristy things to buy!!! So in the middle of the streets of Las Ramblas are entertainers up and down the blocks!!! Also there are tables set up for restaurants so you can enjoy a sangria and watch people as they walk by! There are many bars and great restaurants down Las Ramblas!!!! Also a tour bus drops you off right around the top and also bottom of Las Ramblas depending on what color tour bus you took! Also recommend you take the tour bus! You can buy tickets right on the bus!!! If you are walking down Las Ramblas from the Columbus Statue about 2 or 3 blocks before you reach the top of Las Ramblas, if you make a right hand turn and then after a block when you can make a right make a right and you will find this resturant that makes the best chicken paella that you will EVER taste!!!!
a tourist trap but entertaining
Sam A. Oct 5, 2012
Las Ramblas is an absolute must during your Barcelona visit. Given that it is the real heart of the city, you will likely walk up and down the street numerous times. Las Ramblas is absolutely packed at almost all times of the day. It is filled with both tourists and locals. You should expect to see various artists, mimes and other performers up and down the street. At night, the street is packed with pre-clubbers and clubbers hitting up the various restaurants and bars that line the street. Be very careful when you are on this strip though, it is filled with pick pocketers.
Wasn't for me
Anonymous Sep 26, 2012
Over all- that I found this ramble through Las Ramblas stressful and place I could live without . There in sept this year,  no street performers, tacky food carts and junky merchandise.    Did manage to buy a cat toy that my pets shunned upon returning home. Of course I went......first trip to was very crowded to the point that it took away people charm.    This was right after high season,  so we thought we would be escaping the crowds, but no such luck.   Haven for pick pockets.     It is, however, the easiest connecting route to many restaurants that I wanted to see. But I think Barcelona is much more than this! There are many great plazas for people watching in Barcelona that you should only hang here if the people there at that time warrant it.
The people loving street.
Frida G. Sep 17, 2012
Is it possible to write a negative review? For many people, including myself, reviews are about recommendations of a memorable experience that made a standing impression. It was appealing for me to write a review about Las Ramblas but something felt wrong. It's a boulevard that honestly do not charm me. So I thought to myself; maybe I should write about it in all honesty. I decided to give it a try. The highlight for many people in Barcelona is in fact, Las Ramblas. I wondered what it was I'd missed. Where are these charming pieces of Barcelona hiding that everyone speaks so highly of? I decided that once and for all I'll walk down the boulevard of Las Ramblas to find the missing pieces. Las Ramblas has become Barcelonas most famous Boulevard and hallmark, and I will not lie in this review, throughout my walk i did find the pieces of Barcelona I was missing. This walk also made me realize that without Las Ramblas, Barcelona wouldn't be the same touristic metropol as it is today. I would call Las Ramblas an “all in one” (kanske man kan säga "all you can eat") street because of its many contents. Here you will find everything from restaurants to pet shops. The Boulevard is the largest main street in all of Barcelona and for that reason the restaurants, hotels and shops raises the prices - they know they can. Why it could be worth to pay a higher is because it's ”a people loving street” and you get to be a part of it. The more people there is, the more alive it becomes. Everyday the whole Boulevard becomes a colorful and happy folk festival. It's a street where one can express oneself. Sing if you want to, dance if you want, act as the person you always dreamed of being, nobody cares and there are no judgements - you are on Las Ramblas. Hereinafter I will walk down Las Ramblas with a smile, but before I end this review just one warning: At Las Ramblas its more then okay to act like a ”scared tourist" because it's the pickpockets paradise.
While a tourist attraction...
Stephen R. Sep 14, 2012
It is not one to be missed. From the street performers to the Boqueira Market, Las Ramblas has something for everyone. It’s the perfect first place to venture to in Barcelona to get a feel for what kind of city it is. As you stroll down the Ramblas you’ll see bright and colorful costumes, tempting smells will flood your nose from food carts and you’ll feel all the energy this amazing city has to offer. Want to pick up a little gift for a special someone? Stop by the kiosks near the beach end of the Ramblas to find hand-made original souvenirs. Also, there are tons of side streets off the Ramblas that house great shops and hostels. Headed to the beach? Stop by the Boqueira Market to grab some picnic supplies, my go-to favorites were boxed sangria, goats cheese, fresh bread and almond stuffed olives. Take your time walking down the Ramblas to really enjoy the sites and the people. Whether venturing there during the day or night, there is always something going on and the street is usually always packed. The vibe during the night is a bit different. You’ll find guys flinging glowing toys into the air and pushing you to buy them. Stay clear of them. Also, it can be a great pre-gaming spot before heading to those expensive bars on the beach. If you know where to look there’s tons of guys selling beers for 1 euro from street grates. We called them the “La Cerveza beer guys” and most of them are super friendly. Use caution when buying from them, since it is illegal for them to sell the beers, but it’s one of those things where cops tend to look the other way. Since there is a high volume of traffic on the Ramblas, thieves are out and looking for victims. Keep your bag in front of you and your wallet and or purse even closer. If you are always aware of your surroundings you should have a fantastic day and or night on the Ramblas.
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