Barcelona Singles Overview

Opium Mar - Club | Restaurant in Barcelona

There are more bars than anyone could ever possibly hope to visit, a mind-numbing club scene that’s jumping off seven days a week, nude beaches that aren’t filled with creepy old men, and a city-wide atmosphere fueled by Spanish passion blended perfectly with Mediterranean tranquility. Amazingly enough, none of these features even begin to describe Barcelona. In fact, a more succinct description might label it as the perfect city for singles.

Barcelona is an old city with a young soul. With universities spread throughout the city and a nightlife scene that has makes a compelling case to be recognized as one of the best in Europe; Barcelona’s singles are never devoid of things to do or people to do them with.

While there are great bars and clubs all over the city, certain neighborhoods like Barri Gótic are particularly raucous and full of singles all year round. During the warmer months, Port Olimpico and Barceloneta take the party from the beach to the dance floor at famous clubs like Opium Mar. L’Eixample, meanwhile, is an enormous area that encompasses a large part of the city center as well as Barcelona’s gay scene and some of its most famous bars like Chupitos and Dow Jones Bar.

With amazing weather, world-class sites, gorgeous beaches, and beautiful people; Barcelona really sets itself apart as a great city for singles with a multitude of options available at any given time of day.

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