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La Boqueria One of the most famous food markets in the world, La Boqueria offers a pleasant assault on the senses, from the smell of exotic spices, to the sounds of haggling voices, to the exquisite taste of Spain's best produce. Barcelona Spain 41.381969 2.172176
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La Boqueria - Market | Shopping Area in Barcelona.
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Party Earth Review One of the most famous food markets in the world, La Boqueria offers a pleasant assault on the senses, from the smell of exotic spices, to the sounds of haggling voices, to the exquisite taste of Spain’s best produce... ... read full review

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    M–Sa 8am–8:30pm

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    • Day Spot

Party Earth La Boqueria Review

The Scene

One of the most famous food markets in the world, La Boqueria offers a pleasant assault on the senses, from the smell of exotic spices, to the sounds of haggling voices, to the exquisite taste of Spain's best produce.

One of the most famous food markets in the world, La Boqueria offers a pleasant assault on the senses, from the smell of exotic spices, to the sounds of haggling voices, to the exquisite taste of Spain’s best produce.

Everyone from housewives, foodies, and business people to Ferran Adrià – famed chef of the El Bulli restaurant in Roses – do their shopping at La Boqueria, a market that any food enthusiast will not want to miss.

Wedged between Old Town walls under a metal pavilion, the square market is laid out in a grid pattern and features stalls that sell every product grown under the Spanish sun, plus a few extras as well.

In addition to the excellent shopping, the area is home to some outstanding bars and restaurants including El Quim, a family-run bar where patrons eat at a tiny counter in the middle of the market, and Organic Market, where shoppers can buy salads and wraps made with organic produce.

Those who wander out the back of La Boqueria and a little farther away from the stalls will find a superb wine bar called RaTown (Plaça Gardunya, 3-4), where a stylish crowd sips Moscatel de la Marina (a sweet dessert wine) on a sun-kissed terrace surrounded by ivy-covered walls.

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Tip from Jonah:

The best prices can be found at the stalls at the back of the market. Shoppers have a better chance of haggling on prices in the afternoon when merchants want to get rid of remaining products.

  • Crowd

    Shoppers of all ages.

  • Entertainment / Music

    The market atmosphere.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Fruits and vegetables, meats, seafood, confectionery, wines, tapas, cheeses, and more at the market. RaTown wine bar serves inventive dishes like duck tacos and beef entrecote with goose liver.

  • Prices

    Market prices at the food stands. Tapas €2+, beer and wine €2+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual at the market. Smart casual at some of the bars in the area.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any day except Sundays. Mornings are busiest. Some stalls shut down in the afternoon.

La Boqueria User Reviews

Average rating:
La Boqueria- Fascinating, Cheap and Fun
Daisy N. Jun 19, 2013
La Boqueria is famous for its towering piles of fresh and exotic fruit, for its masses of Catalan chocolates and sweets, which undoubtedly do smell fantastic, and for its authentic feel; among the tons of tourists there are the unmistakable old Spanish couple, buying their morning bread and chatting to the butcher as they choose their meat. Upon my first visit to the market, I am without doubt a tourist: utterly fascinated by the mysterious looking fish that they definitely do not sell in Morrisons, and the utter cheapness of all this fresh and beautiful food. There is so much to see and discover, the market feels more like an exhibit of all the things I love about Spain. I definitely know where I’ll be shopping once I move to Barcelona. However, my morbid fascination draws me to a stall that only seems to sell animal organs, and what I would guess to be a goat’s head. I spend at least twenty minutes gawping at each purple liver, or what I can only describe as a suspicious grey tangle, wondering who would buy them, and more so, who would cook and eat them. This is much to the amusement of the Spanish woman behind the counter, who probably eats organs for breakfast. I feel very British, and go and buy some chorizo from the stall next door. This makes me feel a little less of a tourist, and I triumphantly leave the market, knowing I’ll be back to buy something for dinner.
La Boqueria- A Place to Stimulate the Senses
Nathalie H. Feb 28, 2013
A staple of Barcelona and Las Ramblas itself, La Boqueria is not just a simple market that can be found all over Spain. Mercat de Sant Josep is one of the most strikingly beautiful places you can find where you must elbow through hordes of people, from tourists taking photos of the brightest fruits and most dazzling arrays of chocolate, to the old Spanish couple just trying to buy some groceries. No matter the time, it is constantly busy, but for good reason. The perfect produce, lines of meat and animal parts, cheeses, and literally any sweet thing you can think of not only satiates the stomach, but also the eyes. If the prices don't please your eyes as much as the food does, you are able to negotiate with the venders, but make sure you brush up on your Spanish beforehand. In the summer, this market helps for perfect take-away lunches for the hungry traveler. If you get tired of fighting the crowds, or want to sit and watch the action, the market is surrounded by cafes and restaurants offering beer, coffee, or meals that use the food you just spent your afternoon drooling over. There is also a great mix of Asian, Turkish, Spanish, and other European foods that offer you a taste of so much more than the typical tourist-traps that make up Las Ramblas. La Boqueria is most definitely worth a visit no matter if you're a backpacker or a local; just be ready to move slowly in the summer months- and take advantage of the stalls of fresh fruit smoothies.
Rambling Through La Boqueria
Danielle M. Feb 21, 2013
La Boqueria, off of Las Ramblas Street, in beautiful Barcelona is a place for all. From the locals who venture to get their groceries to the tourists who go to stare in awe at the hanging array of meat, it is an absolute must-see in Barcelona. In a perfect location for tourists to stop and take a break from their shopping, market goers can enjoy anything from egg shaped candies to a cold beer while relaxing in the Barcelona sun. Be sure to bring your camera when stopping here in order to take photos of the eclectic meats that the locals frequently purchase to make their Barcelonian dishes. While there are a wide variety of restaurants surrounding La Boqueria, I suggest going to one of the restaurants located in the heart of the market. One of my favorites is El Quim, which is a tiny place where restaurant goers eat at a bar. It is not easy to nab a seat, but if you are patient enough you can get traditional Barcelonian food, from fresh muscles to gigantic shrimp. Be prepared to speak Spanish because most of the workers cannot speak English. Outside of the market you can find local shops to get wine and bread that you can take back to your hotel and enjoy later in the evening. Be warned. La Boqueria is typically jam-packed with people, so be prepared to fight your way through the crowds. However if you want to experience a bit of the Barcelona culture, or you are a foodie like me, then this is the place to be.
A Must-See in Barcelona
Jody P. Dec 12, 2012
If you are just visiting barcelona, you have to check out the boqueria. It is really a great market. The sights and sounds and smells are all amazing. It is pretty much right in the middle of Las Ramblas and you are in a really touristy area. Actually, when you go to the boqueria, you will pretty much be surrounded by tourists. You will want to take photos but some of the vendors don't like when you take photos without buying anything. But there is so much fresh produce, fresh juices, meats, sweets, etc etc etc that you will want to buy something. there are some "restaurants" in la boqueria which are just really crowded stalls with really good food. You should absolutely go hungry to the boqueria because you will want to sample. There is also a cute little wine place where you can buy some food at the market and get some wine and hang out. This is a must-see. If you live in barcelona, chances are that you have been to the boqueria and know that there are better markets for everyday shopping :)
My favorite!
Alli H. Dec 4, 2012
La Boqueria was one of my favorite things to go to while in Barcelona. I was there for 3 days and went 4 times. It is located on Las Ramblas, a main street with tons of shops and restaurants. La Boqueria is a huge market with everything from fruit to fish. My favorite thing to get are the fresh juices, which can be found at probably 10 different stands in the market, and you can bargain the price down to 1 euro. I'd pass on the overpriced chocolates and candies that base the cost on the weight because it's a total rip off, but everything else from the produce to the meats to the cheeses are reasonably priced. I'd recommend going there to make a picnic lunch to walk down to the beach!
Great fun to check out ...bring camera
Anonymous Sep 27, 2012
A must do, in my book.   Although there are many markets throughout Barcelona, La Boqueria is the most historica! Colorfull and the classic. Enter from Las Ramblas, notice the original stained glass gates. This is not an Old Jerusalem market where you can find virtually everything....but rather a food market.  Checkout the colorful candy stand in the back for wonderful colorful photos, as well as the crabby woman who has wonderful wonderful arrays of dried peppers and spices....and yes she will overcharge you if you don't haggle ( about 30% in my case) as compared to other less colorful vendors. If you want to know what the Catalonians are eating, just walk around to find ostrich eggs and various delicacies I did not recognize.  Yes a lot of cameras and no merchandise.....but also a lot of locals buying,
One of the best markets in the world
Sam A. Sep 9, 2012
If you love fruits, vegetables and fresh food generally, you must check out La Boqueria. La Boqueria is arguably the best market in the world. La Boqueria is right in the middle of Las Ramblas so expect a busy crowd moving up and down Barcelona's most famous street. La Boqueria boasts all sorts of goodies including various wines, cheeses, almost every fruit you can imagine, fresh fish, etc. Just hit up any of the stalls and start the negotiation process. Don't forget that La Boqueria is closed on Sundays. And keep in mind that some vendors leave in the early afternoon on Monday - Saturday so I suggest getting to the market early to get the full offering.
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