Barcelona Plazas Overview

Plaça del Rei - Plaza | Landmark in Barcelona

There certainly are a handful of parks around the city, but Barcelona isn’t particularly known for its abundance of green space. That’s where the Barcelona plazas come in, serving as social centers in neighborhoods all over the city.

The plazas serve a number of purposes in the city. First, they make for a perfect meet-up spot. Second, they’re usually surrounded by places to eat, drink, or shop, so they’re great launching grounds for whatever lies ahead. And third, they provide a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

One of the most famous plazas in Barcelona is Plaça Reial in Barri Gòtic. Here, passersby can witness the essence of Barcelona life as a mix of people come and go, or laze away under the palm trees and old-fashioned street lights. The square serves as a great meet-up spot as it’s surrounded by clubs, restaurants, cafés, and hotels.

Other popular plazas are Plaça de Sol, Plaça dels Àngels, and Passeig del Born, where casual locals chill out, shop, or eat during the day, and where revelers get together to hang out before a long night of partying.

Whichever plaza or area you decide to hang out in, there will always be something to do, whether it’s eating, drinking, shopping, or simply doing nothing and watching the world pass on by.

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