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Park Güell Park Güell is an enchanting site that combines aesthetics and nature in a way that's visually inspiring for art buffs in addition to being a great daytime activity for those with just a passing art fancy. Barcelona Spain 41.4146398410188 2.15186283068848
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Park Güell - Culture | Outdoor Activity | Park in Barcelona.
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Party Earth Review Park Güell is an enchanting site that combines aesthetics and nature in a way that’s visually inspiring for art buffs in addition to being a great daytime activity for those with just a passing art fancy. Designed by Barcelona... ... read full review

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    Daily 10am–6pm in winter, 10am–9pm in summer

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    • Day Spot

Party Earth Park Güell Review

The Scene

Park Güell is an enchanting site that combines aesthetics and nature in a way that's visually inspiring for art buffs in addition to being a great daytime activity for those with just a passing art fancy.

Park Güell is an enchanting site that combines aesthetics and nature in a way that’s visually inspiring for art buffs in addition to being a great daytime activity for those with just a passing art fancy.

Designed by Barcelona’s renowned architect, Antoni Gaudí, the park is a tribute to his unique aesthetic and is truly like no other in the world.

The centerpiece is the fantastical dragon fountain located at the entrance, where the mythical creatures are rendered in colorful broken tiles using a technique known as trencadis, for which Gaudí is famous.

From there, the narrow meandering pathways and viaducts wind through Gaudí’s world of twisted rock pillars, unusual sculptures, and intricate mosaics that lead to the terraced area overlooking the park and offering a splendid view of the city. This open space with its multicolored tiled seating is a popular hangout for guitar-playing locals and tourists simply enjoying the vibe and the vistas.

The house Gaudí lived in for the last twenty years of his life is also located within the park, and has been turned into a museum featuring some unique furniture designed by the artist. But, perhaps some of the most magical sights in Güell are the two charming buildings constructed to look like gingerbread houses.

Park Güell is on top of a hill and requires a steep climb, but the fantasyland that awaits is well worth the effort.

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Tip from Emma:

Never go to the park without your camera, because there’s always a chance to discover some new artistic marvel in this wonderland! Just remember that the park is on a hill and requires some legwork – and refreshment stands are few and far between – so make sure to take a drink with you.

  • Crowd

    Tourists, hippies, and locals with children, all ages.

  • Entertainment / Music

    The Casa Museu Gaudí is located within the park and was the house in which Gaudí lived from 1906 to 1926.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Sandwiches, snacks, and beverages are available at refreshment areas by the viewing deck and at the lower entrance. The gift shop is at the lower entrance.

  • Prices

    Park entry is free. Casa Museu Gaudí €6. Sandwiches €4, ice cream €3+, beverages €1+.

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  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    On any sunny day.

  • Close By

    Park Güell Bar/Restaurant (Carrer de Larrard) offers outdoor seating and affordable sandwiches, pizzas, and paella. Also on the street are many gift shops related to Park Güell and Antoni Gaudí.

Park Güell User Reviews

Average rating:
Colors and Architecture
Claire T. Jul 26, 2013
A huge park designed by Antonio Gaudi. Enter from the top entrance: see the view of Barcelona and the structures of the overlooking part of the park.. Enter from the bottom entrance: see everything in full colors of the palette with the exceptional tile work and the "Hansel and Gretel" houses.
An unbeatable view of the city
Hannah F. May 22, 2013
Originally designed by Gaudí to house the wealthy families, this park now offers a breathtaking city view. The iconic architecture and vibrant mosaics of Gaudí gives the park a playful spark. Take a picture with the famous mosaic lizard fountain, interact with local artists and vendors throughout the park and look out over the city all the way to the ocean. Some people even bring picnics to relax and enjoy during their visit. For a view even higher up, continue up the paths until you reach the very top marked by a large cross. To reach the Park you can either take a bus or the metro to the Lesseps stop. Once there, follow the signs on the street that point to Parc Güell. Be prepared the streets to get steep, but the view is well worth the climb. Although great at any time of the day, I recommend going just before sunset so that you can watch the sky light up as the sun sets and begin to see the city lights twinkle. It is also often less crowded at this time so you don't have to deal with as many tourist crowds. Don't forget to take your camera!
Art in a beautifull park
Maximum M. May 9, 2013
To reach the park we took a bus that stopped at the bottom of the hill. From there on it was an upward walk straight up till you reach the park, which takes about ten to fifteen minutes. Depends on the pace you go. It's doable and there are benches and ice cream shops along the way up where you can rest. The Gaudi park is stunning and you have the whole city at your feet! Some of the best views, so take your camara! It is free and there is huge crowd but if you see only one thing in Barcelona, this must be it.
A Must See
Ezra E. Apr 25, 2013
Park Güell is one of the best photo opportunities in Barcelona, and an absolute must see for those visiting the incredible city. Beautiful architecture and mosaics can be found hidden (and in plain sight) all throughout the park, creating a surreal and magical feeling, almost as if you have walked into a fairy tale world. Park Güell is easily accessed by the metro and completely free to enter. There really isn't any reason not to go here. Bring a picnic and a camera, and prepare for an absolutely wonderful, memorable experience.
Absolutely Amazing
Maggie R. Apr 1, 2013
I saw a number of Gaudi's works while visiting Barcelona, but Park Guell was by far my favorite. Not only are there amazing views of the city from various places in the park, but the architecture in the park itself was unbelievable. The various mosaic aspects of the sculptures and monuments blended perfectly with the natural landscape, and everything felt very surreal and magical. All of the different aspects of Gaudi's work created a really unified whole despite the vast range in stylistic aspects of the architecture. I wandered through Park Guell for a few hours and felt like I could've stayed for a few more. I'd definitely recommend bringing a picnic and spending some time on one of the many beautiful mosaic benches and watching the world go by. Yes, it's a very touristy attraction, but also incredibly peaceful and relaxing. There's a museum in the center of the park as well about the history of Gaudi's life. It's in a large pink house, and is a must-see for anyone interested in Gaudi's life and works. Park Guell was my favorite part of my visit to Barcelona--it's what I think of first when reminiscing on my trip. It's pretty far from the center of the city, but is very accessible on the metro. And the best part? Admission is free! Don't miss out on this amazing attraction--it's completely worth it.
Make sure to pack a picnic!
Katja H. Mar 19, 2013
This park is a must see for everyone visiting Barcelona. You could spend the better part of a day as there is something interesting to see wherever you go. To walk around in the park is free and as a result it is or can be very busy. This should not scare you away though. There’s lots to see and plenty of space for everyone to walk around, it is big enough to get away from everyone. I have never seen a park like this. With its colorful tiles and ornaments I belive this is Gaudi at his most playful. The park includes colorful tile creatures, fountains, and towers at the entrance. Then going up, there are beautiful stone arches. After that, you get to the top and see the view of Barcelona along with the decorated tile benches. You will be able to experience one of the best views of Barcelona, surrounded by the decorated seats; there is a beautiful view over the city to the ocean. I really enjoyed exploring the park and I ended up taking a gazillion pictures. Make sure to bring a memory card with enough space. The only thing not really worth it is the Gaudi museum in the park. While it gives you a deeper introspective to his works, it was still very small and honestly not worth the admission. Please bear in mind that the park is not the most easily accessible one, but that should not stop you from exploring it. You can either take a cab from the bottom of the hill or take a decent walk from public transit to Park Guell.
Gaudí's Whimsical Garden City: A Life Size Version of Candyland
Madeline C. Mar 14, 2013
A definite “must see” when visiting Barcelona, Park Güell is the result of the beautiful craftsmanship of Antonio Gaudí. The construction of this garden city lasted from 1900-1914, and has since been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As you enter the park, the uniquely constructed double staircase complete with lush greenery and Gaudí’s famous mosaic dragon fountain welcome you. Working your way up, you walk through the hall of columns with ceilings decorated with multicolored tiles assembled into vibrant mosaics, and find yourself on the main terrace. The colorful tiles and crafted stones build a bench surrounding the terrace in the form of a sea serpent. With each level you climb and around every corner, the view becomes more amazing and the architecture more intricate. Whether you come to watch the sunset from the Hill of the Three Crosses or explore the winding viaducts, give yourself plenty of time to take everything in. Be sure to watch your belongings while exploring the sites! This is a large tourist attraction, which can often times mean pick-pocketers galore!
Is it possible to give more than 4 stars?
Liz Z. Feb 26, 2013
I had never seen Gaudi's work before coming to Barcelona, and he is the reason I found appreciation for art. I saw some of his other work around Barcelona, but this park just swept me off my feet. First of all, it's free. Tourists and locals alike spend time there, enjoying a picnic, taking photographs, going for a little hike. Upon entrance, you feel like you are John Lennon on an acid trip in Alice in Wonderland. The gorgeous, colorful mosaics and plants jump out at you, and you feel like a little speck on a huge grid. The park's terrace with long, mosaic benches are a popular stop for taking a break and looking out onto the rest of the park. There are lots of stairs, so I would recommend bringing a water bottle on a hot day and wearing comfortable clothing and shoes. Aside from that, get ready to feel like you're on drugs, without being on drugs.
Gaudi's vision
Amun K. Feb 14, 2013
See Barcelona through the eyes of Gaudi! A perfect place to spend the day and enjoy gorgeous architecture and weather in Barcelona! There is the famous winding bench to lounge on, and tons of tables for a relaxing lunch. The view from the benches is really magical, you can see all of barcelona out to the water. And below there are the crafted tunnels (the same tunnels the ladies from American Next Top Model walked down cycle 7). Make sure to take your camera. Also there are a few cute cafes at the top but i would recommend bring your own picnic. The park is really crowded with tourist on weekends, so going on a weekday is better. Be warned it is a bit of a walk up, there are stairs and an escalador at parts, so I would wear comfortable shoes. Its really a great place to relax, read, enjoy the view, and just chill.
Undeniably Gaudi
Lorena A. Jan 14, 2013
Park Guell defies the norms of what architecture is supposed to look like. If you find yourself in Barcelona, Park Guell is a must. Its history is deeply rooted in Antoni Gaudi's original work in the era of modernism. Park Guell is a different kind of art that is absolutely incomparable but in the best kind of way. Before ascending the steps to the main terrace of the park you will come across the infamous "el drac" (short for el dragon, meaning dragon) statue which the crowds tend to migrate towards. The colorful dragon is made up of an array of different pigments of color, which wrap around the lizard to create a beautiful mosaic. Perhaps the most memorable spot is the main terrace, which overlooks the entire city of Barcelona. From there you can look down at the rest of the park and its undeniably unique architecture, which closely resembles something out of a fairy tale. The two main houses in the front of the park, one in which Gaudi resided in with his family but is now up as a show case exhibit, both have a magical appearance of the sort and therefore look more like ginger bread houses than actual houses to live in. As you walk even deeper through the park you will undeniably find more tiled mosaics and the type of architecture that could only ever be associated with Gaudi.
Magical - like everything else in Barcelona!
Laryssa A. Jan 10, 2013
A must see if you're in Barcelona! Park Guell is full of wonderful creativity and inspiration that you will feel like a new person when leaving it. All of the designs and formations are so far-out that you question how something so spectacular was even constructed. Walking through Park Guell is like walking through a daydream, and I can assure you won't want to wake up!
nice view
Sam R. Dec 13, 2012
This park is really weird. It feels like something out of a fairytale and I think that’s the point. Its big and there are nice views over all of Barcelona, which isn’t the nicest city but the med always makes a good photo. This place is always full of people. Its a very artistic place and the Barcelonans are very proud of it, always recounting the history. There’s also lots of music coz its a Spanish park and that’s what they like to do in Spanish parks. Its nice to go for a walk and look at the view.
Great way to spend the day
John P. Dec 5, 2012
Park Guell is a great place to visit if you go to Barcelona. There is a plaza area with great views overlooking the city and plenty of walking paths. There is a paid admission to visit the house that Gaudi lived in here but it is worth it. There are plenty of street vendors throughout the park. That is fun and I didn't find them overly aggressive or intrusive if you weren't interested. When we visited, there was a headless man that my wife had her picture taken with. We had a great afternoon there. There is a cafe at the park entrance and plenty in the neighborhood.
Amazing views
Alli H. Dec 4, 2012
Park Guell is one of the most beautiful spots in Barcelona. It's a little bit of a hike from the metro, but definitely worth it, especially because Barcelona has such great weather year-round. Gaudi's mosaic architecture is so beautiful and covers the entire park with columns, buildings, walkways, etc. On top of the columned area are mosaic-decorated benches that stretch around and it's a beautiful place to see the entire city and take some scenic pictures. All around the park are gift shops with neat mosaic art and souvineers, but, as expected, the prices are usually jacked up so wait until you find something in a less-touristy area because Gaudi souvineers can be found all over the city. Definitely a must-see while in Barcelona!
More than meets the eye
Anna F. Nov 8, 2012
I have been in Barcelona fo a while now, but have only been to Parc Güell a few times - and after every one of them I find myself wondering why I don't go weekly! During every visit I have been amazed by how such a touristy spot can still sum up all that Barcelona really represents for me. An assemly of people of all ages, cultures and worlds all together, surrounded by beautiful architecture and amazing views of a ever so alive city. Start the visit with strolling around and look at the great works of Barcelonas favourite architecht Gaudi. If you are in the mood for it, take some photos. Unfortunately the most famous works are always crawling with people wanting to have their picture taken so it is sometimes a bit of a hustle to get it done. Once you got it over with, take a hike further up the mountain where I have my favourite places. Last time I was in the park we went all the way up to one of the highest parts, Turó de les tres creus and we got there just when the sun was setting. It has a really nice view over almost all of Barcelona and is not as crowded with people so it is perfect for a nice panoramic picture! Also, if you remembered to bring some refreshments this would be a great time to enjoy them. At the top next to the big cross there is usually some trubadures and here, in contrary of some other parts of the city they actually gather an interested crowd enjoying their music. I stayed and listened to a couple of songs performed by two young catán guys with a contrabass and a guitar and they were performance were really something, energetic and passionate! If you see craftsmen trying to sell their works, keep an eye out for the guy that makes silver jewelry of ouf silverware. One of my friends bought a wonderful bracelet make of a fork and it was for a great price as well. As you can tell, I am a bit of a sucker for street musicians and craftsmen, and if you are even the slightest bit like me then you should really pay Parc Güell a visit! Most people in Barcelona (both tourists and locals) are usually not very keen on the musicians trying to make their living on the metro but here in the Parc they usually get more appricieation and I love it, so give it a try anyway and I think you will be amazed. If not - do it for the same reasons as the hundreds of tourists that arrive daily on the busses - for the arts of Gaudi and the beautiful views of Barcelona!
Natalie M. Oct 26, 2012
Truly a must-do while in Barcelona. It's a pretty long hike uphill to get to it, and my poor friend I was traveling with hurt her foot on the way (I may have stepped on it, can't remember) but I dragged her all the way there anyway. The hike itself is funny because there's all these weird statues so you almost feel like you're on acid, but when we finally got to the top, wow, it was so worth it. Gaudi's style of art and architecture has always appealed to me, but I had only ever seen it in art, never in life. It's like when you make a drip castle with sand, if it could turn magically to blue and white stone. Aside from the buildings, you walk out into a huge clearing which has a gorgeous view of Barcelona, and on either side are open tunnels of gnarled tree trunks and dirt walls that you can climb around in. Descending down from the clearing is the fountain of the famous mosaic lizard (where everyone crowds to take pictures). I stayed there for way too long watching the sun set. Loved it.
An Impossibly Beautiful, Delightfully Whimsical Tourist Trap
Brett B. Oct 12, 2012
Barcelona is, undeniably, the city of Gaudí and an architecture buff's dream. His magnum opus, the colossal Sagrada Família, towers over the city in all its unfinished glory. But with long lines, endless construction and expensive entry fees, the Sagrada Família leaves a bit to be desired. If you're looking for a definitive look at Gaudí's delightfully demented vision, look no further than Parc Güell. Parc Güell is, regrettably, one of Barcelona's biggest tourist traps. It's constantly milling, bustling, and impossibly crowded -- especially at its brightly tiled observation deck. But with one look out at the city from the Parc's unparalleled view, you'll immediately understand its constant tourist traffic. Gaudí initially designed Parc Güell as a potential housing development, but once plans fell through he adapted the design to fit the mold of a city park. The result is, quite simply, spectacular. The signature "melting" effect is ever-present, along with impressive carvings and constructions that blend into the natural landscape. Giant stone lizards and towering pillars greet you at the entrance, bookended by ginger bread houses on acid. There are eggs, crosses, dragons, birds of paradise, fruits, vegetables, and everything in between. From a reader's standpoint, it seems impossible to comprehend. From a viewer's standpoint, it's impossible not to love.
Gaudi's home/park
Sunset E. Oct 6, 2012
Great place to walk around! It is very peaceful!!! You could walk for hours!!!! The art work and sculptures are amazing you can truly see how fantastic of an artist Gaudi was! You can pay money to take tour of Gaudi's home... It's nothing too special but if you're in Barcelona why not? I suggest you get some food from a restaurant for a picnic lunch and eat somewhere on his huge park and take tons of photos for the day! Find a frisbee and have some fun! It's free to get into and you can walk for hours!
Anonymous Sep 26, 2012
Designed by Antonio Gaudi  it is now a World UNESCO site.  But beyond what any agency says.....this  is an outrageous, fanciful, magical, trippy park! More of an art form spread out over acres....totally original use of form, materials and space.  Crowded on the weekend I went....but some areas still wide open and room for all.  Plenty of room for sitting around, beautiful views of the city.  This park would be a must do for me every time I am in Barcelona! If you partied the night before, you may want to take a taxi.   If you are up to the metro, the Lesseps metro stop gets you within a 15 ( min. ) walk.  Some of this is a steep uphill climb, and even with some escalators can be taxing on a warm day.  The food at the park is very to pack a picnic.
Hard to find but don't leave Barcelona without going!
Paula P. Aug 7, 2012
It was my first full day in Barcelona and I was tired from traveling and going out the night before. All I wanted to do was sip some sangria and eat tapas, but I had heard from a friend who used to live in Barcelona that Park Guell was an absolute must-do. So a friend and I went on our merry way to find the park, and I thought since I'm more-or-less fluent in Spanish that I'd be able to manage finding the Park if we got lost. It wasn't my Spanish that was the problem, it was three different bus drivers telling us to get off at different stops and random people on the street giving us the wrong directions. We ended up somehow finding the park and going in through some strange back entrance but nevertheless it was totally worth it. Park Guell is not your average park, it's decked out with amazing Gaudi architecture and is even home to Gaudi's house which we took a tour of and it was totally bizarre. If you're not familiar with Gaudi's work, google it, it's like architecture straight out of a fairy tale and it's like nothing you have ever seen before. Pictures really won't do it justice, you have to go check it out for yourself.
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