Barcelona Museums Overview

Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona - Museum in Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is a museum in and of itself. The Modernistic buildings headlined by the father of Modernism Antoni Gaudí attract thousands of visitors daily. While many of his works including La Pedrera and Casa Battló have been converted into museums paying homage to the late architect, they’re hardly the only museums in Barcelona.

Two of Barcelona’s larger museums both feature works that center on contemporary society. The Centre de Cultura Comtemporánia de Barcelona (CCCB) pays tribute to contemporary culture in Barcelona and around the world. El Raval’s Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA) is a museum in and out. While both the physical exterior of the building and the museum’s contents are typical to today’s contemporary art scene, it’s what occurs on the plaza in front of the museum that summarizes Barcelona’s true modern culture. A drove of the city’s young and alternative skaters, musicians, photographers, and artists take to the sunny square to express themselves in true Barcelona fashion.

Museum lovers have no shortage of places to visit in Barcelona if they can tear themselves away from the beach. Tucked away in narrow streets all over the city are countless museums that highlight some of Spain and Catalonia’s most famous artists.

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