Barcelona Landmarks Overview

Plaça del Rei - Plaza | Landmark in Barcelona

Whether you believe the city was founded by the mythical Hercules or perhaps more historically accurate by the Cartaginians, Barcelona has had plenty of time to accrue impressive landmarks.

As is consistent with many other major European cities, Barcelona has plenty of Medieval historical sites to offer tourists with the most notable being the towering Barcelona Cathedral. What separates Barcelona from those other places is the embrace of a 19th and 20th century artistic movement that resulted in the seamless juxtaposition of two equally impressive yet clearly distinct artistic time-periods.

The driving force behind the Art Nouveau artistic scene was the famous architect Antoni Gaudí. His crown jewel, the Sagrada Familia cathedral, remains unfinished to this day but still attracts hordes of tourists eager to see what is perhaps the most unique cathedral in all of Europe. In addition to the Sagrada Familia, Gaudí has littered the streets of Barcelona with his unmistakable style of architecture, most notably on Passieg de Gracia.

As well as Gaudí’s work, there are many more major landmarks in Barcelona including Montjuic; a hill above the city that boasts numerous attractions including a 17th century fortress precariously perched over the sea.

Set against the backdrop of the Mediterranean, the city’s array of cathedrals, plazas, and individual artistic achievements have combined to produce the many landmarks that help make Barcelona the pride of Catalonia that it is today.

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